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HKFP Venture: Ma Wan’s abandoned village frozen in time as final residents evicted

Once a thriving fishing village with stilt houses, restaurants and a school, Ma Wan village now lies abandoned, slowly crumbling beneath the imposing Park Island residential complex and Tsing Ma bridge. In the 1980s, the town had a population of several thousand, though by 2000, it was home to around 800. Fish farming was the main […]

HKFP Venture: Uzbekistan’s stunningly ornate metro stations revealed after photography ban lifted

For decades, a photography ban was enforced across the Uzbek capital’s metro network. Central Asia’s oldest subway system fulfilled a secondary role as a nuclear fallout shelter, meaning the authorities considered it a military installation. See also: The magnificent mosques, mausoleums and minarets of Uzbekistan But on June 1, the ban was lifted revealing 29 uniquely […]

HKFP Venture: Sun-bleached Luk Chau village gives way to Lamma Island’s encroaching jungle

The semi-abandoned remote village of Luk Chau sits on the northeast coast of Lamma Island. Its original inhabitants – farmers and fishermen – came from Xixiang, Baoan in Guangdong. Luk Chau literally means “deer islet,” as the village was rumoured to be home to barking deer. Facing the sea, with woodland at the rear, it […]

In Pictures: Mother Nature runs wild on China’s emerald island of Shengshan

China’s rampant development has sent nature into full retreat, but in one village the countryside has crept back to reclaim lost ground. Houtouwan was once a thriving fishing community of sturdy brick homes clinging to the steep hills of the island of Shengshan. But it’s now abandoned, with entire houses completely overgrown as if shrink-wrapped in […]

Video: Hong Kong urbexers explore Wan Chai’s historic Nam Koo Terrace mansion

HKURBEX explores Wan Chai’s Nam Koo Terrace mansion, one of the best known Grade 1 Historical Buildings in Hong Kong. 「南固臺」Nam Koo Terrace exploration 灣仔南固臺相信好多人都會認識。大宅有超過一百年歷史,係屬於第一級歷史建築物。今年業主合和實業向城市規劃委員會呈交改劃申請,有望活化成證婚場所。 // Wan Chai’s Nam Koo Terrace mansion is one of the best known Grade 1 Historical Buildings in Hong Kong and also one with much notoriety. During World War 2 it […]

Video: The forgotten war tunnels of the Battle of Hong Kong

HKURBEX explores a series of war tunnels, built by the colonial government to shelter civilians from Japanese air strikes prior to the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941. The tunnels have since been decommissioned and sealed off. There are in total 29 such tunnels, and many are hidden in plain sight, the urban exploring group says. […]

Video: The final days of Tai Kok Tsui’s notorious Hoi Hing Building

Hoi Hing Building in Tai Kok Tsui is one of HK URBEX’s favourite haunts. It was built in 1964 with nine floors housing 250 families. The area is primarily a lower-income working class neighbourhood surrounded by industrial buildings. Hoi Hing’s demise began in 2008 when the land on which it sits was purchased by Henderson […]


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