HKFP Lens: RTHK’s ETV – exploring Hong Kong’s abandoned TV centre

Perched at the foot of Hong Kong’s Lion Rock for about half a century, Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK’s Educational Television Centre (ETV Centre) will soon be demolished following its sale to private developers. Built in 1971 by famed architect Eric Cumine, the studio produced programmes for the city’s now-defunct ETV channel. The channel kept generations […]

Explainer: How Hong Kong plans a series of new laws to further tighten its grip

Fourteen months after Beijing imposed sweeping national security legislation on Hong Kong, the city’s government and pro-establishment lawmakers are planning several new laws to plug what they see as loopholes in the Basic Law, or constitution. Chief Executive Carrie Lam said her government could make “bold proposals” because the legislature had largely returned to normal […]


Danny Fenster: Jailed for telling the truth in Myanmar – with no end in sight

September 1 marked seven months since the military staged a coup in Myanmar and seized power. In the ensuing months, the junta has ruled with an iron fist, all but crushing a nascent democracy. Protests quickly broke out nationwide but were just as quickly suppressed by deadly force from the military. The Assistance Association of […]

How Hong Kong’s tyrants are taking baby steps towards dictatorship

Hong Kong’s tyrants in diapers have yet to be fully weaned. In fact, it may never happen because their “parents” seem reluctant to allow them to fully develop as they worry that the offspring might not be up to venturing too far on their own.  However, the local Quislings are really trying their best to […]


Explainer: Hong Kong’s national security crackdown – month 14

After 14 months under Hong Kong’s national security law, critics say that civil society is crumbling – a charge Chief Executive Carrie Lam denied on Tuesday. Nevertheless, in the space of a month, the city’s largest teachers’ union and its largest pro-democracy coalition have disbanded, university student leaders have been charged with “advocating terrorism,” and the […]

Hong Kong Book Fair: Two local publishers keep titles on sale despite security law complaints

Two Hong Kong publishers – who received complaints of suspected national security violations – have decided to keep selling the titles in question at the city’s annual book fair in a bid to “defend” the freedom to publish under the sweeping security legislation. Local publishing companies Hillway Press and Kind of Culture confirmed with HKFP […]

In Pictures: ‘Thank you Hongkongers’ – Apple Daily’s printing presses come to a halt after 26 years

A bright red notice on Apple Daily’s mobile app tells subscribers that content will no longer be accessible after 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. “Good luck, and goodbye,” it ended. Although most photos in the app can no longer be displayed, the text of several articles published just before the news outlet’s midnight shutdown remained viewable. The […]


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