Ai Weiwei’s Covid-19 lockdown film traces China’s ruthless efficiency

by Joëlle Garrus China’s coronavirus response has been both hugely efficient and chillingly inhumane, says artist and activist Ai Weiwei after releasing a documentary about the world’s first virus lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Ai, a dissident who left China five years ago, directed and produced the film “Coronation” from Europe, where he now lives, […]

As journalists are made to leave, Hong Kong’s global status will suffer

The ongoing journalists’ visa war between the United States and China shows no sign of abating. Rather than easing, it seems headed towards its end game. It began back in February when the US State Department ordered five Chinese news outlets to register as foreign entities and forced them to reduce their staff by roughly […]


Power to the people to keep Hong Kong press freedom alive

Over the past weeks, I have started and stopped writing this piece more times than I can count. I have run through it in my head over and over, sat down in front of my computer and typed away furiously at my keyboard. But every time I had written either a few lines or a […]

Joint statement: Arrest, harassment and intimidation of journalists in Hong Kong must stop

We, the undersigned, are troubled by the decline in press freedom and democratic rights in Hong Kong and express our deep concern about the ramifications of the imposition of national security legislation by the Beijing authorities. Hong Kong has long been respected as a powerful global economic hub and lively political and democratic space, supported […]


‘I will continue until I have no other choice’: The art of bookselling under Hong Kong’s national security law

In the weeks since Beijing passed the Hong Kong national security law, political titles have been pulled from public library shelves, a protest slogan has been banned and students have been prohibited from political activities in schools. With lawyers, academics, and journalists expressing concern over the law’s vague wording, the future of free speech and […]


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