Hong Kong security law: Freelancer for UK’s ITN among two more arrested, as journalism watchdogs sound alarm

Police have arrested Wilson Li, a freelance journalist with Britain’s ITN and an ex-member of the now-disbanded student group Scholarism, according to TVB. The broadcaster said that he was detained in connection with the NGO Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong along with activist Andy Li. They both stand accused of collusion with forces […]

Kong Tsung-gan: Who I am

I’ve noticed some interest in my identity recently. I would prefer not to talk about myself; the focus should be on the freedom struggle. I am merely one of several million involved in that. But given the situation, I believe it best to say a few words. I am a Hong Kong permanent resident with […]


Security law: Speech is no longer free for Hongkongers, wherever they are

On June 30, Xinhua News Agency released details of the Hong Kong national security law. As I read the sweeping terms that could incriminate almost everyone the regime deemed threatening, my phone was buzzing with messages from friends in Hong Kong. All of us were at a loss for words. Like most Hongkongers, we were […]


‘I will continue until I have no other choice’: The art of bookselling under Hong Kong’s national security law

In the weeks since Beijing passed the Hong Kong national security law, political titles have been pulled from public library shelves, a protest slogan has been banned and students have been prohibited from political activities in schools. With lawyers, academics, and journalists expressing concern over the law’s vague wording, the future of free speech and […]

Hong Kong security law: journalists and scholars ‘at a loss’ in trying to predict new red lines, says media law prof. Sharron Fast

Hong Kong media law expert Sharron Fast has told HKFP the text of the newly-enforced national security law is full of socialist legal system characteristics, leaving journalists and media scholars “at a loss” when it comes to predicting where the new red lines are to be drawn. In a phone interview last Friday, Fast, who […]


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