Stop playing politics or face a ban, Nintendo warns Animal Crossing gamers

Japanese video game giant Nintendo has told players of its hit creation Animal Crossing: New Horizons to stop adding political or commercial content, after a variety of users worldwide – including Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners – started sending their own messages. Nintendo told businesses and organisations in a press release Thursday to “refrain from bringing […]

‘Poisoning bilateral relations’: China lists 14 grievances with Australia including Hong Kong ‘interference’ and ‘unfriendly’ media

Sino-Australian relations stooped to new low after a document from the Chinese Embassy expressed Beijing’s anger towards Canberra over a myriad of issues. The deliberately leaked document listed 14 disputes, including the Australian government’s “incessant wanton interference in China’s Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs,” and their decision to ban Chinese telecom companies Huawei and […]


Journalists are pawns as China and US vie for supremacy on world stage

With the United States’ presidential election heading towards its conclusion, President Trump has continued his administration’s offensive against China. In both speeches and television interviews, Trump continues to blame Beijing for the coronavirus and plays up his tough stance over trade. He has singled out China as the major foreign threat to the United States […]

Why intimidation is a piece of cake for Beijing’s wolf-warrior envoys

By now, you have probably heard about the Cake Kerfuffle – and may have had a giggle about it. A short recap: earlier this month there was a reception in Fiji’s capital Suva hosted by Taiwan’s trade representative in the absence of official diplomatic relations. But a few envoys from the Chinese embassy decided to […]


Security law: Why staff at Hong Kong’s public broadcaster may face a choice between editorial independence and allegiance to the gov’t

Civil servants at Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK will be among those required to pledge allegiance to the Hong Kong government if they are recent recruits, or in line for promotion. But veteran programming staff have told HKFP that the pledge would constitute a “practical deterrence” on editorial decisions. Nevertheless, they intend to comply while […]

Hong Kong’s future Liberal Studies teachers vow to stand by the subject despite pro-Beijing pressure

Three Hong Kong university students who will soon qualify as Liberal Studies teachers have vowed to stand by the subject despite complaints from pro-Beijing figures and the recent sacking of an educator accused of spreading pro-independence messages to pupils. The trio said they expected to come under intense scrutiny in the classroom but felt a […]

How Hong Kong’s student reporters fear being silenced under new police rules

Since pro-democracy protests erupted in Hong Kong last June, journalists have been on the front lines of civil unrest. Behind all the cameras and flash lights are not only the people from prominent news organisations, but also freelance and student journalists who insist on documenting the truth. Laura Lee knew she wanted to be a […]


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