‘Doubtless threat’: Democrats and filmmakers slam Hong Kong’s new film censorship rules

Filmmakers and democrats have expressed concern over the government’s new censorship guidelines directing censors to ban films showing on national security grounds, saying the new rules may prompt Hong Kong’s film industry to self-censor and could deter investment. The government introduced new amendments to the Film Censorship Ordinance on Friday morning to ensure censors strike […]


Progress against the pandemic – but the press remains under fire in Asia

After a year of lockdowns, plummeting job numbers, school closures and travel bans, the vaccines against Covid are finally making their way into people’s arms. It has by no means been a perfect process, but for the first time in what seems like an eternity, there is hope that life can eventually return to some […]


Interview: Hong Kong’s ‘fragile’ freedoms had never taken root, says journalist Bao Choy following conviction over documentary

Journalist Bao Choy felt mystified when police knocked on her apartment door one November afternoon last year, but within minutes of entering her home they announced her alleged crime. On July 13, 2020, an investigative documentary she had produced was aired, and the freelance television producer was suspected by police of making false statements to […]


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