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For SMS, Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp 通訊程式: +852 9447-3443.

Email is the best way to get in touch. We read all messages, but cannot promise an individual response. 請儘量以電郵聯絡,我們會查閱所有電郵訊息。

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We read all messages and will respond within 1-2 working days if we are able to cover your story or event. 我們會檢閱所有電郵訊息,合適者將會於一至兩個工作天內與你聯絡。

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If you are already a donor and have an enquiry, or wish to change/cancel a monthly donation, contact: – we will respond within 1-2 business days. 若你想更改或取消恆常捐款,或其他有關捐款查詢,請電郵 。我們會於一至兩個工作天內與你聯絡。

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We welcome citizen contributors, public figures, academics and NGOs to write for our HKFP Voices or op-ed platform. Please read our guidelines before emailing:

We read all emails – if we are able to publish your submission, we will respond within 1-2 working days. If you are a freelance journalist with a track record, we welcome paid pitches – see our freelance charter for submission guidance.

HKFP歡迎讀者、公衆人物、非牟利組織投書意見評論文章到我們HKFP Voices欄目,請電郵至



Contacting HKFP securely. 加密聯絡方法

HKFP is committed to protecting sources. Though no channel can offer guaranteed security, HKFP provides a number of secure communication options for whistleblowers. HKFP 一向對所有消息來源予以絕對保密,歡迎報料者以下列方式聯繫。

Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp phone apps provide end-to-end encryption, though we do not recommend any particular service. Our number is:  +852 9447-3443. We check messages once every working day, but cannot promise an individual response. 我們會每日檢查 Signal,Telegram和 Whatsapp 通訊程式,請發信息至 +852 9447-3443。

The postal service is another means of secure communication. Our address is: Hong Kong Free Press, The Hive Spring, 3/F Remex Centre, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. 實體郵件請遞本報地址: 香港仔黃竹坑道42號利美中心3樓The Hive Spring.

Terms and conditions for submitting news images/videos 圖片和影片投稿細則

In submitting a news photograph or video to HKFP, you agree to the following conditions:

  • Your material does not contain any elements of pornographic, indecent, violent or business promotional content.
  • Your material does not impose upon any person’s rights – including defamation/libel, threats, hatred and discrimination.
  • Your material was not gained by infringing upon any laws.
  • You agree that, by sending HKFP your photograph/video, you grant us a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use/publish your material, along with our third-party partners, is any way we deem fit, worldwide, across any format/media.
  • You will retain copyright to your material. HKFP will give credit to you where practically possible unless you request otherwise.
  • HKFP reserves the right to select which photographs/videos we may use. We may amend our terms and conditions without notice.
  • 稿件不涉及色情、不雅、暴力或商業推廣内容
  • 稿件不涉及誹謗、侮辱、恐嚇、仇恨或歧視成份
  • 你獲取稿件的途徑不涉及非法行爲
  • 提交稿件予HKFP代表你授權本報以及本報認爲合適的合作夥伴,在各種形式和格式免版稅、非專有許可地使用或出版該内容
  • 你依然保有版權而HKFP會標明出處,除非著者要求不具名
  • 本報保留權利選用我們認爲合適的相片和圖片,而有可能在不通知的情況更改上述條件和細則