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Democrats’ primaries: Getting ready for Hong Kong’s last free election

By Sam Cheung Ho Sum On Saturday and Sunday, democrats in Hong Kong are holding primaries for the first time ahead of the official Legislative Council (LegCo) election in September. Although the primary election was intended for selecting the strongest candidates to run in the official election, Beijing’s escalating crackdown may render the latter a […]

July 5, 2009: The day I became a second-class citizen

By Zumretay Arkin The summer of 2009 began like any other, I was excited to spend my first summer in my home country after migrating to Canada, reunite with my family and friends, go to all my favorite places in Urumqi, eat the delicious seasonal fruits, but–most importantly–be in a Uyghur environment. Little did I […]

The historic problem with slavery

Slavery was, and is, a terrible institution. Discrimination against people on the grounds of their race is indefensible. Black Lives do matter. These ethical positions now seem obvious. It was not always so. Steven Pinker, author of The Better Angels of our Nature, has documented the way in which, over centuries, the degree of sympathy […]

‘We just really f***ing love Hong Kong’: Can you criminalise us?

If the Chinese government was really stupid enough to believe that the new national security laws could silence Hongkongers, I guess they were disappointed. The new laws conveniently took effect on the 23rd anniversary of China’s takeover of Hong Kong. Yet despite a historic police ban of the 17-year tradition, on the very first day […]

The Hong Kong girl with the blank protest placard

Since the Hong Kong protests began 13 months ago, the world has seen so many images of police violence that the only possible conclusion it can reach with an intact conscience is this: so tenuous does Beijing view its grip on power that it would go to any lengths to squash the Hong Kong protests, […]

Grief, rage, and despair: reflections from an exiled Hongkonger

Hongkongers have always known that we lived on borrowed time. As a British colony and then a supposedly semi-autonomous region under Beijing’s rule, Hong Kong and Hongkongers have never enjoyed political freedom outside of the confines of powerful sovereign states. Five years ago, I joined tens of thousands of other Hongkongers on the annual July […]


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