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Hong Kong’s ‘high degree of autonomy’ wilts under new version of Basic Law

Responding to the controversy over a critical blast from Beijing aimed at Hong Kong’s pro-democracy legislators, Teresa Cheng added to the controversy. She heads Hong Kong’s Justice Department and agreed with other officials: as the central government had supervisory power over Hong Kong, Beijing’s sudden intrusion into the work of its Legislative Council was entirely […]

Coronavirus: Are women better leaders during crises?

Several news stories recently have noted a correlation between the gender of world leaders and the success rate in containing the number of infections and fatalities from Covid-19. Specifically, several female leaders have been singled out as being especially successful in keeping the numbers low. The names that keep cropping up are Jacinda Ardern, Angela […]

Why is the UK so silent as Beijing trashes the Hong Kong Handover agreement?

By Micah Mudlaff On the day of Hong Kong’s infamous Handover, it was unlikely anyone thought the future obstacle to CCP domination over Hong Kong would be businessman Donald Trump. Yet, in 2020, the now-President of the United States and his administration appear to be leading the international opposition to Beijing’s ever-growing intrusions into the […]

Pedagogy of the oppressed: We need to defend intellectual freedom in Hong Kong

Last Thursday, the Hong Kong Education Bureau decided to retroactively void an exam question from the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) World History exam. After presenting students with three passages from primary historical artifacts that illustrate the collaboration between Japanese and Chinese academics, merchants, and a Chinese revolutionary leader who helped overthrow the oppressive Qing […]

Prices in Hong Kong that go up must come down, very slowly

From time to time there are bitter complaints from legislators and motoring organisations about the way the price of petrol moves when the price of oil changes. They say that the price of petrol moves up quickly when the international oil market is on the up, but comes down rather slowly when the movement is […]

Hong Kong protests: Covid-19 is Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s best friend

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor has only a life-threatening global pandemic to thank for a weekend, during which Hong Kong’s streets were not once again filled with tens of thousands of angry protesters demanding her resignation and barking out their familiar rallying cries of “Five demands, not one less” and “Liberate Hong Kong, the […]

The value of democracy and how it terrifies the Chinese Communist Party

Democracy has not always been trendy. But it developed into a fashionable story of success, a real marketing winner, to the point that even totalitarian political systems – like China’s – portray themselves loudly as democratic. Terrified by the ideas of genuine democracy, liberty and political autonomy, as despotic regimes typically are, the China Liaison […]


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