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The empire strikes back: what the Qing dynasty can teach us about Hong Kong’s modern rulers

Despite its roots in the Marxist-Leninist system, the Chinese Communisty Party (CCP) borrows many tactics from China’s imperial past for tackling a wide range of issues, from controlling political power dynamics to managing border regions.  During the last imperial dynasty the Qing (1644-1912) the minority Manchurians or Manchus ruled the majority Han and aggressively expanded […]

The knives are out for Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam as her turbulent first term enters its final months

For most of the past two years, a favourite subject for tea table gossip and speculation has been the political fate of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor. She welcomed the return to what she called peace, quiet, and normality after the promulgation of Hong Kong’s new National Security Law last summer. Evidently, […]

Plight of Irish businessman trapped in mainland China sounds warning for Hong Kong

Let me introduce you to Mr Richard O’Halloran. Mr O worked for a company called China Aviation Leasing Service (CALS). This company was based in Dublin but owned by a mainland businessman called Min Jiedong. Mr Min got into trouble in his home country over suggestions that he had collected money from China investors and […]

Academic Gordon Mathews: Why I am staying in Hong Kong – for now

By Gordon Mathews The national security law, with its reach extending ever further and its grip ever tighter, has led many to start calculating whether Hong Kong is still a city worth living in. The news these days buzzes with accounts of those who are leaving.  I myself have chosen to stay, at least for […]

Food for thought: How Hong Kong’s farmers can bring about positive changes

By John Glenis This Lunar New Year, a promising initiative brought together local farmers, restaurants and shops in a way that promotes quality, fairness and collaboration. Basically, a group of local farmers joined forces and started to grow radish in November, aiming to have their fresh produce ready for the New Year festivities. One part […]

There must be a clear boundary between Hong Kong’s two parallel legal systems

The thoughts of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal on Jimmy Lai’s bail application are now up on the Judiciary website. Their lordships will have gratified Mr Henry Litton by keeping their comments brief – at least by judicial standards – so readers with a taste for this sort of thing can be recommended […]

Canada offers Hongkongers a welcome mat compared to Britain’s obstacle course

Maybe the 5.4 million Hongkongers now eligible for a pathway to citizenship in the United Kingdom under the recently expanded British National (Overseas) visa scheme should look elsewhere for a safe harbour as one storm after another batters their beleaguered city.  If you are young and restless, there may be a much better proposition on […]

Why all the fury over Britain’s ban on China’s CGTN? Beijing admits its role is to serve the ruling party

Early this month the UK’s Ofcom, the government regulator for broadcasting and telecoms, withdrew the UK broadcast licence for China Global Television Network (CGTN), China’s state-run English-language satellite news channel. The decision was made on the basis of British broadcasting laws, which stipulate that licensees must have full control, including editorial oversight, over licensed services. The revocation […]

A Hong Kong law against fake news begs the question: who gets to decide what is false?

The new-look legislature, without opposition, without pan-Democrats and without the limited democratic legitimacy which surrounded its predecessor, is now with us, and will remain with us until September at the earliest. Further postponements of the elections cannot be ruled out. Our Imperial Big Brother does not love elections. The Chief Executive Carrie Lam, timed her […]


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