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Hong Kong’s school system is leaving non-Chinese minorities behind

Education a long time ago stopped being seen a luxury and became a basic need. However, whether it is equal for all in terms of quality and accessibility is a moot point. The fact that the United Nations lists Quality Education as Goal #4 among 17 Sustainable Development Goals, coming right after poverty, hunger and health, […]

Covid-19: Why are 13,000 people in Hong Kong barred from getting vaccinated?

By Andrew Gardener, Senior Pastor of The Vine Church, Wanchai Recent actions by the Hong Kong Government have highlighted how the making of laws without proper consultation can detrimentally impact the vulnerable and marginalised ethnic minority groups in our city. The passing of the Immigration (Amendment) Bill 2020 on April 29 is one action that has […]

Why The Economist’s take on ‘dangerous’ Taiwan is not just scaremongering

The Economist prompted a lot of double takes last week with it cover story describing Taiwan as “The most dangerous place on Earth.” On the face of it, this seemed preposterous. As one of the most successful nations in handling Covid, Taiwan has functioned almost normally without lockdowns whilst enjoying stellar economic growth. However, looking […]

Why Hong Kong’s Covid-19 policies are racist to the core

Last week, the Hong Kong government ordered the city’s 370,000 migrant domestic workers to undergo mandatory Covid-19 tests after a worker with no recent travel history contracted the virus locally. In addition to the compulsory tests that resulted in workers lining up under the sun for over five hours on Labour Day, migrant domestic workers […]

Beijing’s double speak: Why China owes the United Nations more than mere lip service

By William Nee News from Hong Kong on Monday again drew attention to the alarming deterioration of human rights there – and gave the international community a masterclass in the Chinese government’s insidious “double speak.” In one breath, the United Nations is implicitly viewed as a potentially harmful foreign force with a negative impact on […]


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