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Hongkongers are patriotic; their mistake was to believe the Joint Declaration’s predictions

All Hong Kong needs, we are told ad nauseam by mainland officials and their local proxies, is more patriotism—more appreciation, understanding and love of the motherland. Our opposition politicians failed the patriotism test—and that’s why so many of them had to be thrown in jail. Our teachers failed the patriotism test—and that’s why their largest […]

A gentrified mess: How Hong Kong’s Central Market restoration tarnished an architectural gem

The Central Market Revitalisation Project, led by the Urban Renewal Authority since 2009, is now complete, and the public can assess the authorities’ concept of “revitalisation.” An architectural gem has become a sterile cacophony of mostly unneeded shops. Like everything else in Hong Kong these days, the project was kept under wraps until it was […]

Hong Kong’s fair trial rules are routinely ignored – and no offender is safe

You may find this as puzzling as I do, but the one thing which really seems to annoy our national security enthusiasts is when an organisation that has been roundly denounced on all channels decides to shut down before the cops come to the door. This invariably produces accusations of cowardice and dark warnings that […]

‘Foreign agent’ claims against Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Massacre vigil organisers defy understanding

A pro-democracy alliance has vowed to defy what it calls a groundless order from Hong Kong’s national security police to hand over financial and operational information. It has a point. Seen from a historical perspective, it could not be more ironic that the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China is […]

Ignore the bigotry, the 2022 Gay Games will be a tonic for Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan metropolis with a diverse population, has long touted itself as “Asia’s World City” – a global hub for commerce, fashion, gastronomy and art. In 2017, it was announced as host for the 2022 Gay Games, after fighting off rival bids from Washington DC and Guadalajara in Mexico. The Hong Kong bid […]

Danny Fenster: Jailed for telling the truth in Myanmar – with no end in sight

September 1 marked seven months since the military staged a coup in Myanmar and seized power. In the ensuing months, the junta has ruled with an iron fist, all but crushing a nascent democracy. Protests quickly broke out nationwide but were just as quickly suppressed by deadly force from the military. The Assistance Association of […]

How Hong Kong’s tyrants are taking baby steps towards dictatorship

Hong Kong’s tyrants in diapers have yet to be fully weaned. In fact, it may never happen because their “parents” seem reluctant to allow them to fully develop as they worry that the offspring might not be up to venturing too far on their own.  However, the local Quislings are really trying their best to […]

Hong Kong’s civil society under fire: the candidates, the election, then the democracy movement itself

 Hong Kong’s new national security regime is efficient, if nothing else. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief last year when they saw the new National Security Law’s Article 39. This says the law is not retroactive, meaning political sins committed before June 30, 2020, when the law was promulgated, would not be treated as illegal […]

Relaunching Hong Kong: Let the facts speak for themselves

Last year, the government created a stir when it announced that it had awarded a US$6 million contract to Consulum, a public relations firm specialising in government communications, to undertake a one-year consultancy on how to re-launch Hong Kong after its recovery from Covid-19. Professional help was considered necessary as the authorities had come under […]


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