The 79-day Umbrella Movement saw thousands of pro-democracy protesters occupy roads across Hong Kong in 2014 in a mass act of civil disobedience.


The July 1st march: Another endangered democratic landmark for Hong Kong

By Andrea Venzon, Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Joshua Wong “Now, Hong Kong people are to run Hong Kong. That is the promise… and that is the unshakable destiny.” With these resounding words, 23 years ago today, Lord Patten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong, handed back the city to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), […]


Hong Kong holds a protest election, but will it produce a protest result?

Keep calm and carry on is the motto of the day. Electioneering has somehow carried on despite the interventions of brick-throwing protesters, barricaded streets, and police riot squads equipped with all the tools of their trade. To call this a protest election is almost a contradiction in terms. It’s more like trying to impose the […]

The least an expat Hongkonger can do in the city’s summer of protest? Empathise

The on-going protests have made it abundantly clear that millions of Hongkongers believe their political autonomy and civil liberties are necessary parts of their future. Hong Kong folks come in many stripes: locals and non-locals of varying, complex, and sometimes overlapping identities. One can be “local” and hold more than one passport or have spent […]


PTSD and protests: How the violence on Hong Kong’s streets impacts mental health

The first panic attack took place two weeks after Sarah (not her real name) was caught in the middle of an evening protest in Admiralty on September 29, during which multiple rounds of tear-gas were fired by the police. “I’ve never felt afraid for my life. I’ve always been brave,” she told HKFP. “I’ve always […]

Explainer: How Hong Kong’s ‘self-learning, open source’ protest movement decides what to do next

Hong Kong’s leaderless protest movement has been described as having “self-learning artificial intelligence” owing to how quickly demonstrators learn and react when on the streets. Meanwhile, the Chinese University’s Francis Lee has said the protests mimic open source technology, wherein a central code is released and another person easily picks it up to develop their own […]

‘Hongkongers are very quick learners’: Cantopop star-activist Denise Ho on walking shoulder to shoulder with protesters

Cantopop star turned activist Denise Ho has spent the past six years protesting against Hong Kong’s political system but she still has faith in its potential to reform. “I do think that in order to change the system you have to do it internally and also externally,” she told HKFP last week. “To try all […]


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