The 79-day Umbrella Movement saw thousands of pro-democracy protesters occupy roads across Hong Kong in 2014 in a mass act of civil disobedience.


Hong Kong protesters are human rights defenders, not rioters

On Monday, at the 43rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Hong Kong’s Deputy Police Commissioner Oscar Kwok defended the force against credible allegations of widespread human rights abuses. In his highly-selective rendering of events, Kwok failed to acknowledge that police are obligated to uphold human rights in the execution of their […]

As Beijing’s intrusions increase, can Hong Kong democrats remain united for the 2020 elections?

Hong Kong’s 18 community-level District Councils are largely powerless, and lucky they are, too. Otherwise, the officials in charge – Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her team of advisers and administrators – would be in even greater disarray. As it is, they have barely managed to contain months of unprecedented public protest sparked by her […]


District Council elections: will we see a dramatic upheaval, or will officials fix it?

Hong Kong has had two major protest election cycles and pro-democracy partisans did better than expected in both.  The first was in 2003-04, the second in 2015-16.  A third will begin next month, and everyone is either hoping, or bracing, for a similar result. Contending forces remain as before: pro-democracy and pro-establishment, with multiple shades […]

Love and peace, or love and hate: is it ‘game over’ for civil disobedience as Hong Kong’s protest model?

By T-Fai Yeung At the beginning of 2013, Benny Tai, an associate professor of law at the University of Hong Kong, proposed the Occupy Central with Love and Peace Movement, with reference to Martin Luther King’s civil rights activism and John Rawls’ theory of civil disobedience. Some scholars and commentators have suggested that Occupy Central […]


Explainer: How Hong Kong’s ‘self-learning, open source’ protest movement decides what to do next

Hong Kong’s leaderless protest movement has been described as having “self-learning artificial intelligence” owing to how quickly demonstrators learn and react when on the streets. Meanwhile, the Chinese University’s Francis Lee has said the protests mimic open source technology, wherein a central code is released and another person easily picks it up to develop their own […]

Explainer: How frontline protesters’ toolkit has evolved over Hong Kong’s long summer of dissent

The tools, equipment, clothing and communication methods used by Hong Kong’s anti-extradition law protesters have captured headlines around the world. Protesters have often hit the streets in “full gear,” donning black clothes, goggles, gas masks and helmets, among other items. They are able to form makeshift barricades within minutes, pass on messages within seconds, and […]


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