The 79-day Umbrella Movement saw thousands of pro-democracy protesters occupy roads across Hong Kong in 2014 in a mass act of civil disobedience.


To stay or go: Hong Kong democrats debate their options in sad exit for the ‘class of 2016’

Prospects looked bright for Hong Kong’s newly elected pro-democracy legislators when they debated among themselves the pros and cons of staging an inaugural protest during the October 2016 swearing-in ceremony. Like-minded candidates had done much better than expected in the Legislative Council (LegCo) election a month before. Their success gave added impetus to the hopes […]

‘We have done what we need to do’: Activist-scholar Benny Tai reflects on Hong Kong’s democracy movement on Occupy anniversary

Six years ago this Monday, tens of thousands of protesters poured onto a major road in Admiralty – the heart of Hong Kong – as police fired volleys of tear gas. It was the start of a 79-day blockade of major roads, with tents replacing traffic, which sparked international awareness and interest in Hong Kong’s […]


Hong Kong’s District polls landslide stuns China’s official media into silence, but how will Beijing respond?

No one anticipated the massive election turnout on November 24. The 18 District Councils with their neighbourhood-level constituencies have rarely attracted much interest or attention. Since Hong Kong’s 1997 return to Chinese rule, they have generally been the preserve of well-funded and well-organised pro-Beijing loyalists and their pro-establishment conservative allies. So no one, including officials […]


PTSD and protests: How the violence on Hong Kong’s streets impacts mental health

The first panic attack took place two weeks after Sarah (not her real name) was caught in the middle of an evening protest in Admiralty on September 29, during which multiple rounds of tear-gas were fired by the police. “I’ve never felt afraid for my life. I’ve always been brave,” she told HKFP. “I’ve always […]

Explainer: How Hong Kong’s ‘self-learning, open source’ protest movement decides what to do next

Hong Kong’s leaderless protest movement has been described as having “self-learning artificial intelligence” owing to how quickly demonstrators learn and react when on the streets. Meanwhile, the Chinese University’s Francis Lee has said the protests mimic open source technology, wherein a central code is released and another person easily picks it up to develop their own […]

‘Hongkongers are very quick learners’: Cantopop star-activist Denise Ho on walking shoulder to shoulder with protesters

Cantopop star turned activist Denise Ho has spent the past six years protesting against Hong Kong’s political system but she still has faith in its potential to reform. “I do think that in order to change the system you have to do it internally and also externally,” she told HKFP last week. “To try all […]


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