From his role as security chief during the 2019 protests and unrest, to his promotion to the city’s No. 2 position, ex-police officer John Lee finally rose to the top, becoming chief executive on July 1, 2022.



You want ‘good’ Hong Kong stories? Do something about the bad ones

Our Chief Executive John Lee urged young people in a recent speech to “tell the world a good story about Hong Kong whenever possible.” Which is no doubt something much to be desired. But Hong Kong’s problem with the world is not so much a shortage of good stories as a surplus of bad ones.…

Free flags and forbidden fishtails: Hong Kong’s new patriots-only era

It’s the little things that give you away. I mean, HK$140,000 is not a lot of money in terms of government spending, but it is our money, and the way in which it slipped through our collective fingers tells you a lot about how things are run these days. The story starts last October, when…



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