From his role as security chief during the 2019 protests and unrest, to his promotion to the city’s No. 2 position, ex-police officer John Lee finally rose to the top, becoming chief executive on July 1, 2022.


It’s too soon to panic about China’s shrinking population

Change is inevitable in world developments, argues Tim Hamlett. “Perhaps the demographic trap will turn out to be a false alarm – all those missing workers replaced by microchips, maybe. But something else will come along. It always does.”


Beijing’s ruling on foreign lawyers: Interpretation will help bolster Hong Kong’s national security

The Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress (NPCSC) last December 27 accepted a request for interpretation from John Lee, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive and Chairman of the Committee for Safeguarding National Security, in accordance with Article 65 on the original legislative intent and purpose of the National Security Law. See also: Beijing’s ruling a…

Politics vs. science: Why Hong Kong has to tell good stories of Covid

After three years of Covid restrictions, the much-anticipated reopening has come. But it seems to have come out of the blue. Without groundwork laid and roadmaps set out, an overnight policy change looks rash. When science changed with the emergence of Omicron, a less deadly but more contagious variant, the world adapted, but Hong Kong…



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