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No Hong Kong election? Then by-elections become a legal requirement

It seems that our colonial masters attach great importance to public opinion, even while they are avoiding giving the public what it clearly wants. The People’s running dogs, and the running dogs’ running dogs, are all being mobilised to assure us all that keeping the existing Legislative Council (LegCo) for an unconstitutional extra year is […]

Kong Tsung-gan: Who I am

I’ve noticed some interest in my identity recently. I would prefer not to talk about myself; the focus should be on the freedom struggle. I am merely one of several million involved in that. But given the situation, I believe it best to say a few words. I am a Hong Kong permanent resident with […]

2019-2020 anti-extradition law protests:

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‘A second life’: The Hongkongers working to build a new community in the UK

Simon Cheng’s family has fragmented since he left Hong Kong for Britain. He no longer has direct contact with his parents for fear that it could put them at risk of repercussions from the Chinese authorities. He misses them.  Cheng, a former UK consulate worker in Hong Kong and supporter of the city’s democracy movement, […]

Explainer: How Hong Kong banned 12 democrats from the legislative election

The Legislative Council Elections nomination period ended last Friday with Hong Kong’s government barring 12 pro-democracy candidates from the now-postponed race. Most electoral officers cited a past ruling that disqualified pro-independence activist Andy Chan from running in 2016 legislative elections. They wrote that “an intention to uphold the Basic Law denotes not just a compliance […]

Exclusive: Activist Nathan Law says China’s Hong Kong crackdown will backfire, as he vows to continue lobbying efforts

Activist Nathan Law left Hong Kong before the national security law was enacted, but he has told HKFP that relocating was the best thing he could do in order to serve the city’s protest movement. Now settled in London, the former student leader has been reaching out to politicians and lobbying for the pro-democracy cause. […]

Explainer: A city shackled – How Beijing’s security law transformed Hong Kong in one short month

Once a vague spectre, national security legislation became a reality in Hong Kong last month when – in less than six weeks – Beijing imposed a law granting authorities sweeping powers to clamp down on dissent. Drafted behind closed doors without local legislative input, the law ostensibly targets acts in the city deemed to threaten […]

Coronavirus: How Hong Kong’s visually impaired struggle with the pandemic

As her friend put a compact disc containing anti-epidemic information into the player, Lau Yuk-ping pricked up her ears to make sure she would not miss anything. There were multiple tracks detailing ways to maintain personal hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 2,500 people in Hong Kong and led to 18 […]


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New Uyghur stickers foster cultural resistance on messaging platform

By Filip Noubel Emojis representing Uyghur characters and culture are now available on the messenger platform Telegram in an effort by the Uyghur diaspora in Russian-speaking countries to raise visibility. While Uyghurs living in China are experiencing unprecedented attacks on their most basic human rights, the Uyghur diaspora in Russian-speaking countries (an estimated 350,000 people mostly in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and […]