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Germany grants asylum to Hong Kong student arrested for ‘rioting,’ activist group says

Germany has granted asylum to a university student who was arrested for “rioting” in connection with last year’s pro-democracy protests, an activist group has said. The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees granted a three-year refugee status to a 22-year-old unidentified Chinese University of Hong Kong student last Wednesday, according to a Facebook post […]



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Why women face a battle to level up in Hong Kong’s e-gaming scene

By Salomé Grouard With at least 225 video games set in the territory, Hong Kong is the favourite location of many designers. And why wouldn’t it be? The city is a singular sight, with densely-packed streets, modern skyscrapers and a unique southern Chinese heritage. It’s the perfect backdrop. Paradoxically, the city’s professional gaming community lacks […]

In Pictures: University of Hong Kong tears down pro-democracy message board as campuses become free speech battleground

Hong Kong students are fearful that campuses could become a free speech battleground after authorities at the city’s most prestigious university tore down a “Lennon Wall” once plastered with messages of support for pro-democracy protesters. The walls were created to display articles, photos and posters to show solidarity with last year’s demonstrators, many of whom […]

‘Desperate times, desperate measures’: The Hong Kong protesters who want Trump to win a second term

By Sebastian Skov Andersen and Joyce Leung Next month’s US presidential election will be among the most closely watched in Hong Kong’s history. While Donald Trump is currently trailing in opinion polls, some pro-democracy supporters believe that only his re-election will guarantee the city’s continued existence as an entity distinct from mainland China.    At many […]

Hong Kong green groups criticise HK Express plan for ‘flights to nowhere’ amid pandemic

Hong Kong green groups have criticised a budget airline’s plan for “flights to nowhere” to cater for travel-lovers who have been earthbound during the Covid-19 pandemic. HK Express last month announced plans for three tours each lasting 90 minutes over the city – dubbed “UOFlycation” – to bring back the “memories of travel.” “Owing to […]


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Pro-China nationalists use intimidation to silence critics in Australia – but can they be countered without stifling free speech?

By Yun Jiang Last month, the University of New South Wales came under harsh criticism after its media team deleted an article and tweet in which Elaine Pearson, the Australia director of Human Rights Watch, expressed concern over China’s curtailment of human rights in Hong Kong. The tweet enraged some in the Chinese student community […]