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Don’t judge Hong Kong judges – at least not all the time

We are urged by the Chief Justice not to level personal attacks on judges who make decisions we disagree with, a request with which I have no quarrel. His Lordship also points out, correctly, that many complaints about judges come from people who disagree with the result in a particular case. Well sometimes the results […]

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Investigation: HK$500 fine after Hong Kong landowner cleared trees in Lantau country park

The government has handed down a HK$500 fine after trees were illegally removed next to an expansive private plot in a Hong Kong country park. The penalty came 16 months after villagers and activists first reported land clearing activities to the authorities. In January 2020, villagers living near Pui O and conservation activists saw construction […]

Interview: Green is the colour for Taiwan’s pioneering ‘weed lawyer’

With her dyed green hair and a passion for weed, Zoe Lee is not a typical Taiwanese lawyer. Running her own law firm and an award-winning podcast, the 32-year-old has made a name for herself pushing for the legalisation of marijuana in Taiwan. “I was always really interested in cannabis, since I was in school. […]

‘It can happen anywhere and anytime’: Hongkongers in the UK face hate crimes as pro-China groups accused of stirring up hostility

The distinctive sound of bouncing ping-pong balls is the first indication that you’re approaching the headquarters of Hackney Chinese Community Services (HCCS) in east London, a charity founded by Chinese residents in 1985 to support local East Asian families. Tuesday is table tennis day and almost everyone I meet there has a disturbing personal experience […]

Video: ‘I want to take as many steps as possible’: Hongkongers defy ban on Tiananmen Massacre vigil

Wearing black, clutching flowers and candles, and waving mobile phone flashlights, Hongkongers found ways to commemorate the Tiananmen Massacre on Friday despite police warnings and heavy law enforcement deployment across the city. With the Victoria Park vigil banned, hundreds gathered in the surrounding streets to mark 32 years since the crackdown. Police made at least […]


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