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i-Cable’s China reporters resign in protest after 40 colleagues sacked

Numerous journalists at i-Cable resigned in protest after the broadcaster fired 40 of their colleagues on Tuesday, citing the economic impact of Covid-19. Among those who have quit were the award-winning China news team, and the heads of international, local and financial news. Earlier on Tuesday, i-Cable dismissed the 40 with immediate effect. They include […]


Abuse of foreign workforce tarnishes Taiwan’s rights reputation

Taiwan has a decent reputation for civil rights and other liberties but not everyone enjoys them. The island employs over 700,000 foreign workers from Southeast Asia. In addition to domestic care, they work in old people’s homes, factories and the fishing industry. But these migrant workers are often treated poorly, as two recent developments show.  […]

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One year on, the memory of Hong Kong PolyU’s protest battle is now under siege

By Sebastian Skov Andersen and Thomas Chan A year ago, at the campus turned fortress of the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (PolyU), student protesters clashed for two weeks with riot police in a stand-off that made headlines worldwide. Thousands of young protesters, many under 18, barricaded themselves within the university’s walls surrounded by police […]

Interview: UK expert says Hong Kong police lost credibility during protests due to ‘completely inept’ decisions

Hong Kong police lost legitimacy during the 2019 protests due to “inept” decision-making by their commanders and a lack of coordination, British policing expert Clifford Stott told HKFP. His comments followed Tuesday’s publication of his report on the role police played in the radicalisation of last year’s pro-democracy movement. Stott, a professor in group psychology […]

Interview: University of Hong Kong student union chief says academic freedom can’t survive without institutional autonomy

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has seen numerous controversies in recent months, ranging from the firing of Umbrella Movement leader and law professor Benny Tai to the controversial appointment of two mainland Chinese scholars as vice-presidents. Student union chair Edy Jeh, who won a seat on HKU’s governing Council as an undergraduate representative earlier […]

Meet the ex-airline staffers launching e-commerce businesses, after Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific axes 5,300 jobs

Some Cathay Pacific cabin crew members who lost jobs or suffered swingeing pay cuts amid the coronavirus crisis have turned to online business to survive – helped by a “mutual assistance” scheme among former staffers. Cathay last month announced it would lay off 5,900 employees worldwide including 5,300 in Hong Kong. The carrier also axed […]

Now the hard part: Why getting Covid vaccines to billions worldwide may take longer than hoped

By Hari Kumar The race for a vaccine against Covid-19 is entering the home stretch and reports indicate one or more companies will soon get the go-ahead to begin mass production. Governments across the world have promised their citizens speedy access but the task facing authorities in transporting, storing and administering the doses is enormous. […]


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President Biden will stand with Hong Kong – more effectively than Trump ever did

By Gerald C. Brown and Sasha Ramani In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has become increasingly aggressive in the region, culminating in the imposition of its draconian National Security Law on Hong Kong. The US government’s swift response has resulted in many Hongkongers supporting President Trump’s reelection, thanks to his administration’s “tough on China” […]