Horn-honking Hong Kong bus driver guilty of careless driving during 2020 protest

A Hong Kong bus driver has been found guilty of “careless driving” for honking his horn as he drove past a pro-democracy protest in Kowloon last year. Prosecutors told Kowloon City Magistrate’s Court heard on Tuesday that Cheung Ho-yin, 37, honked “unreasonably,” drove at a high speed for no reason and lacked proper focus as […]

Hong Kong’s new loyalty oath is the final nail in democracy’s coffin

Veteran democrat Emily Lau brought their current dilemma into public view recently when she cautioned all her pro-democracy colleagues to “think twice” about contesting the next Legislative Council election. It was to have been held in September last year but was postponed, ostensibly due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has now been rescheduled for this […]


The mystery job that seems tailor-made for a CY Leung comeback

Let us now consider an interesting mystery. What are the powers and functions of the newly minted official post, the Chief Convener of the Election Committee? This is an interesting question, firstly because the old election committee seems to have managed without a convener, so it seems some new service will be provided, if we […]

Patriots only please: How Beijing secured Hong Kong’s legislature from any danger of democratic infiltration

Details are now falling into place on the re-design of Hong Kong’s local law-making body, the Legislative Council (LegCo). These details follow from the nine-point decision on general principles passed by the National People’s Congress in Beijing, on March 11.  Specifics are contained in amendments to the annexes of Hong Kong’s Basic Law constitution and […]


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