Hong Kong’s small-circle election: an incompetent, predictable farce

Giving farce a bad name is rarely a good idea, and it gets a lot worse when the farce is designed to give legitimacy to a process designed to achieve representative government. Sunday’s election to fill less just over a quarter of the seats for membership of the Election Committee, there were just 4,380 voters […]

In Pictures: 4,380 Hong Kong ‘patriots’ select powerful election committee, as ballot counting delayed by glitches

Vote counting in Hong Kong’s small-circle election committee race closed at 7.30 a.m. on Monday, over 13 hours after polls closed due to “human errors” and glitches. Sunday’s polls were the first since Beijing imposed an electoral revamp in March. A total of 4,380 of the city’s 4,800 eligible elites cast their ballot, whilst over […]


Hong Kong’s new loyalty oath is the final nail in democracy’s coffin

Veteran democrat Emily Lau brought their current dilemma into public view recently when she cautioned all her pro-democracy colleagues to “think twice” about contesting the next Legislative Council election. It was to have been held in September last year but was postponed, ostensibly due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has now been rescheduled for this […]

Poll position: the personal reasons why I may hesitate to vote in Hong Kong

There was an interesting interview last week with Mr Lo Kin-hei, who currently occupies the most perilous political post in Hong Kong – he is the chairman of the Democratic Party. In that capacity he spends a good deal of time visiting fellow-members in prison, and some of the rest of the time contemplating the possibility […]


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