Macau follows Hong Kong in shuttering Taiwan office

Macau said Wednesday it was closing its representative office in Taiwan, following neighbouring Hong Kong which made the same move last month in protest at Taipei’s support for pro-democracy activists. Hong Kong and Macau are “semi-autonomous” Chinese cities, although foreign policy is all but dictated by Beijing and the central government has taken an increasingly […]

Macau police ban Tiananmen Massacre vigil again, citing subversion, defamation and Covid-19 concerns

Macau authorities have banned the city’s annual Tiananmen Massacre vigil for a second time, on the grounds that the event’s purpose and slogans would violate a series of local criminal laws, including instigating subversion and defamation. The Macau Union of Democratic Development, the event’s organiser, said it will appeal the police decision in the courts. […]


Hong Kong’s message from Macau: subservience buys only more repression

The Macau authorities’ hostility to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the rule of law is growing by the minute. First, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) outlawed a series of open-air Tiananmen massacre themed photographic exhibitions planned for June 4 that it had approved the month before. They have been displayed annually over the […]

Something is wrong when Macau bars mention of Tiananmen Square massacre

First, they banned a photographic exhibition, then they banned a June 4 vigil about the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Neither had ever been forbidden since 1990. Last Friday was the Macau Court of Final Appeal’s (CFA) opportunity to show that the police decision may have been politicised, but the court applied the law: that separation […]


Covid-19: WeChat mini app introduces pilot testing for Hong Kong-mainland health code

Guangdong’s provincial government is testing an add-on WeChat pilot feature to allow some Hongkongers to obtain a health code to cross the border into mainland China. Covid-19 negative test results and personal data may be uploaded to the programme, which was launched on Sunday. Currently, only individuals from specific categories – such as government officials, […]

Hong Kong pink dolphins return after coronavirus reduces marine traffic

By Ayaka McGill Rare pink dolphins are returning to the waters between Hong Kong and Macau after the coronavirus pandemic halted ferries, but scientists remain deeply concerned about their long-term survival in one of the world’s busiest sea lanes. The tell-tale flash of pink leaping from the waters alerts Naomi Brennan to the presence of […]

World Press Photo’s Macau exhibition showing Hong Kong protest photos shuts

An annual World Press Photo exhibition featuring images from Hong Kong’s huge pro-democracy protests last year has been shut down in Macau without explanation, sparking speculation of political pressure from Beijing.  The exhibition has been hosted by the Association Casa de Portugal Macao every year since 2008 and was scheduled to run from late September until […]


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