Covid-19: Hong Kong travel scheme with quarantine exemptions for mainland China returnees begins amid stricter restrictions

A government scheme allowing Hong Kong residents to return to the region from mainland China and Macau without serving mandatory quarantine opened for applications on Wednesday. The “Return2HK” scheme will exempt adult applicants who can show negative Covid-19 test results 24 hours before travelling. Other conditions of entry include being holders of a valid Hong […]

Covid-19: WeChat mini app introduces pilot testing for Hong Kong-mainland health code

Guangdong’s provincial government is testing an add-on WeChat pilot feature to allow some Hongkongers to obtain a health code to cross the border into mainland China. Covid-19 negative test results and personal data may be uploaded to the programme, which was launched on Sunday. Currently, only individuals from specific categories – such as government officials, […]


As Macau bans annual Tiananmen Massacre exhibition, Hong Kong should be wary of China exporting censorship

China’s Communist Party is continuing to export its repression of free speech. After more than 20 years of photographic exhibitions and vigils recounting the 4 June 1989 Tiananmen Massacre in Macau – displayed every year with no exception – the Macau authorities have shamelessly changed course. José Tavares, the head of the Macau SAR’s Municipal […]

Beijing’s expulsion of US journalists has only deepened distrust among Hongkongers

Flashback to January 28, 1984, the late Chinese patriarch Deng Xiaoping was walking down a hill after a hike near a guest house he stayed in during a visit in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The path was rugged. He was advised to return to the guest house from where he came from – he said no. “I’ve […]


The Tiananmen Massacre, 30 years on – Survivor Q&A: Zhou Fengsuo

Ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, HKFP asked several survivors of the crackdown to answer a set of questions about the tragedy and their views on China’s future. The 1989 massacre ended months of student-led demonstrations in China as the military was deployed to suppress protesters in Beijing. It is estimated that hundreds, perhaps […]

Explainer: Hong Kong’s troubled mega-bridge – counting the human, environmental and financial cost

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge will officially open to traffic on Wednesday. But its construction was late, over-budget and the procedure drivers must go through to actually use the bridge remains notoriously complex. The 55km bridge stretches 22.9km over the sea and includes a 6.7km underwater tunnel. Construction began on the mega-project in 2009 and it was […]

China asks consulates in Hong Kong to remove ‘Macau’ from their official names

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked consulates general in Hong Kong and Macau to rename their diplomatic offices, requesting that those based in Hong Kong remove “Macau” from their names, and vice-versa. Many countries have consulates located in Hong Kong to cover consular services for Macau at the same time, with their official […]


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