In March 2021, Beijing passed legislation to ensure only “patriots” govern Hong Kong. The move reduced democratic representation in the legislature, tightened control of elections and introduced a pro-Beijing vetting panel to select candidates. The Hong Kong government said the overhaul would ensure the city’s stability and prosperity. But the changes also prompted international condemnation, as it makes it near-impossible for pro-democracy candidates to stand.


Hong Kong Democratic Party says it will stay relevant to voters regardless of election stance, calls for universal suffrage

Hong Kong’s Democratic Party has set out a wide-ranging policy programme on the eve of a vote about whether to contest upcoming elections, saying the party will stay relevant to voters whatever its members decide. The Legislative Council polls in December will be held under a Beijing-decreed election overhaul sharply…

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In full: Beijing’s amendments to the annexes of Hong Kong’s Basic Law – in English

Beijing amended Annex I and II of Hong Kong’s Basic law on Tuesday, restricting the city’s democracy. The 27th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress passed the amendments unanimously, meaning candidates will be vetted and fewer legislative seats will be voted for by the public. Click here for full coverage. […]


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