The latest from HKFP on the battle against the coronavirus pandemic in Hong Kong.


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Covid-19: Experts divided on tightening Hong Kong Vaccine Pass requirements

Top Hong Kong officials and advisors have rejected calls to relax the Covid-19 Vaccine Pass system, after University of Hong Kong (HKU) epidemiologists Ben Cowling and Theo Chan wrote in an op-ed that the vaccine mandate for listed premises should be dropped for the under 60s. From February 24, residents aged over 11 have been…



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Testing times: An unwanted ‘summer break’ for students in Covid-hit Hong Kong

“I guess time does fly. I don’t mean ‘time flies when we’re having fun’.” University entry exams began on Friday in Covid-hit Hong Kong, as schools resumed in-person teaching following a 38-day early “summer break.” HKFP spoke to two students who were left feeling confused, lost and frustrated during months of strict social distancing rules.…

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‘Treat us fairly’: Meet the domestic worker YouTuber raising awareness of helper rights

“You think you’re so great because you’re rich?”, “How much do you pay? …working 24 hours, but don’t even have holidays.” A video of a foreign domestic worker sarcastically reprimanding Hong Kong employers gained traction last month. But Contrinx, the Indonesian YouTuber who won’t reveal her name for safety reasons – doesn’t normally jeer as…


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Foreign domestic workers: The unsung heroes of Hong Kong’s pandemic deserve our respect

Their identity as “foreign domestic worker” is so overriding that their roles as women, mothers, Hong Kong residents and employees are overlooked.   This is the thought-provoking message I received during a recent panel discussion at the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) from a foreign domestic worker, speaking about the intersectional challenges they face as working women.  …


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