First detected in Hubei, China, millions globally have now been infected with Covid-19. Governments have battled to keep the pandemic under control as the death toll from the SARS-like disease spirals.


Hong Kong democrats Eddie Chu and Ray Chan to leave the legislature

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers Eddie Chu and Ray Chan have informed the Legislative Council (LegCo) that they will leave the legislature after the original expiration date of their terms on Wednesday. The two democrats submitted letters to the LegCo Secretariat on Monday and said they would not serve in an “appointed legislature,” after Beijing decided […]

Beijing passes law to protect medical whistleblowers after Covid-19 outrage

Beijing’s city government will protect “non-malicious” medical whistleblowers under a new law, passed months after a Chinese doctor was punished for sounding the alarm at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. China’s leaders suffered a rare wave of public outrage after ophthalmologist Li Wenliang died of the disease in Wuhan, the city where the […]


Explainer: After months of protests, is Hong Kong selectively enforcing covid-19 laws?

As the coronavirus began to wreak havoc around the world in mid-March, returning travellers and students caused a spike of cases in Hong Kong. With a record 65 new cases announced on March 27, this “second wave” was far more serious than February’s initial outbreak imported from mainland China. In response, the Hong Kong government […]

Explainer: As Beijing declares victory over the coronavirus, can we trust its data?

The spread of SARS-CoV-2 from the epicentre in Wuhan, China, has led to hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 cases around the world. The medical community, governments, data analysts, and the general public rely on accurate data to make timely assessments and save lives. But the accuracy of official data from the Chinese authorities is routinely […]

Explainer: 7 reasons Hongkongers are angry about the gov’t response to the coronavirus

Hong Kong people have been angered by the government’s response to the new coronavirus. In a matter of weeks, almost 10,000 people have been infected and over 100 have died in China. And locally, there have been ten confirmed cases as of this week.  The spread of the virus has caused panic around the city, […]


Let reason drive Hong Kong’s Covid-19 policy debates, not discrimination

Recently, a restaurant reportedly posted a notice saying that it would not serve customers who have taken part in the Hong Kong government’s Universal Community Testing Programme (UCTP). Whether you are a UCTP sceptic or supporter, consider, for the moment, resisting the urge to toe the party line and to base your position about the […]

In order to truly become Asia’s most liberal society, Taiwan needs to open up to foreigners

Taiwan is enjoying a golden age of international diplomacy after hosting an 89-member Czech delegation led by Senate president Milos Vystrcil. This came a month after the arrival of the US Health Secretary Alex Azar, the highest-ranking US official to visit the island in four decades. Taiwan’s coronavirus success, global mask donations and refusal to […]

Nothing to do with politics? Seven flaws in the decision to cancel Hong Kong’s legislative election

By Kenneth Ka Lok Chan and Ip Ka Yan Hong Kong’s government on July 31 invoked the Emergency Regulations Ordinance to postpone the 2020 Legislative Council (LegCo) election for a year. The polling day was effectively changed from this Sunday to September 5, 2021. Chief Executive Carrie Lam has been quoted as saying: “It is […]

To test or not to test? That is not a political question

Our glorious leader seems to have inherited from her predecessor the knack of coming up with a response to a question which is not only unsatisfactory, but almost completely irrelevant and deeply offensive. Consider her response last week when asked to respond to the refusal of some medical experts to take the “universal but voluntary” […]


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