Protests erupted in June 2019 across Hong Kong over a now-axed extradition bill. They escalated into sometimes violent displays of dissent against police behaviour, amid calls for democracy and anger over Beijing’s encroachment.


Policy Address 2020: Hong Kong’s Lam says restoring constitutional order an ‘urgent priority,’ hails security law

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said the government will prioritise restoring the city’s constitutional order and political system from chaos, as she again hailed the “remarkable” results of the Beijing-imposed national security law in her 2020 Policy Address. For the first time during her term, Lam delivered the annual policy address in the […]

Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong ‘held in solitary confinement’

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has reportedly been placed in solitary confinement after being remanded in custody on Monday. According to Wong’s Facebook page administrator, Correctional Services said X-Ray scans showed that there were foreign objects in Wong’s stomach, and thus he is being held in a single cell at the prison’s hospital while […]


Cross currents in politics and history: Hong Kong democrats’ support for Donald Trump

Expressions of shock and dismay flew through cyberspace after Lee Yee, one of Apple Daily’s favourite columnists, published an opinion piece proclaiming his preference for United States President Donald Trump, who at the time was campaigning for a second term.  Apple Daily’s owner, Jimmy Lai, also declared himself unequivocally for Trump, saying that his dealings […]

How new US president can lead the free world in the pushback against China

We got there eventually. Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. Despite a nail-biting election night, last Saturday Pennsylvania put the former-Vice President into the White House. Of course, by Friday we had figured that Biden would, in all likelihood, be the 46th President. Yet in order to avoid the ire of […]


Taiwan escape room organisers apologise after outcry over game based on Hong Kong police protest ‘siege’ of PolyU campus

The organisers of an escape room game in Taiwan which is based on the Hong Kong Polytechnic siege – one of the most brutal episodes of last year’s protests – have apologised and closed it down after sparking an online outcry for “re-traumatising” Hongkongers. The activity was part of an exhibition about the unrest and […]

Explainer: How – and why – Hong Kong’s legislative opposition ground to a halt

Hong Kong’s parliamentary opposition has just ground to a total halt, as a result of the government’s decision to disqualify four members of the Legislative Council from pro-democracy political parties. The four include Alvin Yeung, Kwok Ka-ki and Dennis Kwok from the pro-democracy Civic Party, as well as Kenneth Leung from the accountancy functional constituency. […]

Wanted Hong Kong activist Finn Lau – behind the faceless ‘Laam Caau’ persona – says he will seize any ‘chance of survival and give back’

Pro-democracy campaigner Finn Lau, who coined one of the bleakest but best-known slogans of last year’s unrest, has one especially strong memory from his schooldays. It was 1999, two years after the handover, and a primary school teacher was telling students about Beijing’s now-breached promise to keep Hong Kong’s way of life unchanged for 50 […]


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HKFP Lens: Kiran Ridley’s photos on Hong Kong protests win top prize in the International Photography Awards

Photographer Kiran Ridley’s photo series on the protests that broke out in Hong Kong last year has won the top prize at the 2020 International Photography Awards in the editorial and press category. Based between Paris and London, Ridley previously covered the Gilets Jaunes protests in France, as well as the Australian bush fires last […]


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