Protests erupted in June 2019 across Hong Kong over a now-axed extradition bill. They escalated into sometimes violent displays of dissent against police behaviour, amid calls for democracy and anger over Beijing’s encroachment.


Pandemic and politics leaves Hong Kong’s poor languishing

By Yan Zhao Squeezed into a tiny temporary apartment, Rainbow and her family struggle to make ends meet in Hong Kong, where the number of households in poverty has soared during recent political turmoil and the coronavirus pandemic. For much of the last year, Rainbow’s electrician husband left their 290 square-foot (27 square-meter) studio flat […]


Choice of an ex-policeman as Hong Kong’s number two signals Beijing’s nervousness in election year

The appointment of Secretary for Security John Lee as Chief Secretary for Administration, number two in the Hong Kong government, may be related to better preparing for upcoming elections which authorities apparently see as mainly a security issue. Voting for the election committee sub-sector will be held on September 19 and for the Legislative Council […]

Damp squib, not a smoking gun: how Hong Kong conspiracy theorists distorted a research project

Some time back in around 2015, five researchers from, respectively, Harvard, the London School of Economics, the University of New South Wales (disclosure: my alma mater), the University of Chicago and Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich got together. They were interested in the dynamics of political protest movements and directed their attention to Hong Kong. […]


Wikipedia wars: How Hongkongers and mainland Chinese are battling to set the narrative

As Hongkongers reckon with the closure of one of the city’s mainstream news outlets, drastic political changes and a sweeping national security law, the city’s keyboard warriors on Wikipedia are also coming under pressure. Battles between competing editors of the crowd-sourced encyclopaedia’s articles about Hong Kong political events have been a daily occurrence since the […]


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HKFP Lens: Hong Kong press group announces winners of news photo contest

The Hong Kong Press Photographers Association (HKPPA) announced the winners of its annual news photo contest “Focus at the Frontline” on Sunday. Ming Pao Weekly’s Tan Chi-wing won Photo of the Year award with a picture of the International Commerce Centre in West Kowloon, with what appeared to be stars projected on the building exterior, […]

HKFP Lens: ‘The Nature of Water’ captures intense and intimate photojournalism from Hong Kong’s 2019 demos

The Nature of Water, a historic photojournalism and commentary book, captures the people, places and culture that shaped the 2019 anti-extradition law protests and the ultimate fate of Hong Kong. The title refers to the protesters’ self-proclaimed philosophy in the face of police action, inspired by the Bruce Lee quote – ”Be Water.” Over 50 photographers contributed to the book. “With intense and intimate photojournalism, protest artwork created by […]


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