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Queuing, blank placards and shopping: how Hongkongers innovated acts of resistance during security law clampdown

On Thursday, Hong Kong marks its first National Security Education Day since Beijing imposed a controversial new law last June. Despite growing restrictions on political activity and freedom of expression, city residents have continued to carry out acts of resistance. HKFP takes a look at how Hongkongers are continuing to make their voices heard. Queueing […]

Some 3,200 individual voters involved in selecting Hong Kong’s powerful new election committee compared to 239,000 before

Only about 3,000 individual voters will be involved in selecting Hong Kong’s revamped and much more powerful election committee compared to 239,000 previously, after a political overhaul ordered by Beijing goes into force. In 2020, 239,193 individual voters were registered to select the 1,200-member election committee. Under the new system, only about 3,200 individuals remain […]

Interview: Pro-Beijing Bauhinia Party will bloom in Hong Kong’s new political climate, says co-founder

China’s sweeping changes to Hong Kong’s political system have majority support in the city, according to the co-founder of Hong Kong’s newest political party who says the overhaul will benefit newcomers like his own Bauhinia Party. Business executive Charles Wong, in an interview with HKFP, also denied his party is geared towards mainland-born residents of […]


Interview: Veteran journalist Stephen Vines on Hong Kong’s struggle for democracy against the world’s largest dictatorship

Hong Kong’s reputation as an international city with guaranteed liberties and freedoms is crumbling nine months after Beijing imposed a national security law on the region in response to the pro-democracy protests that rocked the city in late 2019. In his latest book Defying the Dragon: Hong Kong and the World’s Largest Dictatorship, veteran journalist […]

Interview: The Taiwanese politician on the frontline of democracy, 17 km from mainland China

Wen Lii was approached by Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) after it suffered significant losses in the 2018 mid-term elections and began looking for fresh candidates. He was offered the chance to stand in Taipei but turned them down. Instead, the former policy researcher asked to run in Taiwan’s smallest electoral district: the Lienchiang […]


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Hong Kong’s self-styled ‘voice of reason’ says Beijing-imposed electoral shake-up is ‘the worst’ things will get for the city

Pro-establishment lawmaker Michael Tien says that the centrally-imposed overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system is as far Beijing will go in terms of tightening its grip on the city, and that pragmatists like him will emerge as the biggest winners in a revamped Legislative Council (LegCo). “This is the worst [things will get],” Tien said […]

Canine crimewatch: New city-wide push aims to end Hong Kong’s dog poisoning shame

Morbid reminders of one of Hong Kong’s most notorious serial killers line Bowen Road, urging people to remain vigilant: “Beware of Dog Poisoning” read the signs. But after a recent spate of canine deaths, animal lovers have taken matters into their own hands by starting a “neighbourhood watch” group. Mia Fong founded Gamma.hkg — named […]

Explainer: Hong Kong’s national security crackdown – month 9

Nine months after it imposed controversial national security provisions on Hong Kong, Beijing has passed another law which will have lasting implications for the city – an election overhaul aimed at ensuring only “patriots” can administer the Special Administrative Region. Fears over increased cultural censorship have also emerged following a pledge by the city’s leader […]

Explainer: How Beijing cracked down on Hong Kong’s elections

On March 30, in a move they said was designed to ensure ”patriots” administered the city, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) in Beijing changed the annexes of the Basic Law to alter Hong Kong’s electoral system. Critics say the shake-up is a step backwards, reducing democratic representation. HKFP answers 10 key questions about […]

Hong Kong volunteers turn out to restore Happy Valley’s historic Hindu cemetery

For decades, the Hindu cemetery in Happy Valley, tucked behind the community’s large temple on Wong Nai Chung Road, had fallen into disrepair. Overgrown vegetation and dirt engulfed almost all the gravestones, some of which had come loose and sunk into the mud from years of erosion. The cemetery’s war memorial, honouring Indian soldiers who […]

The last merchants of Hong Kong’s Yue Man Square

“It was my father’s last wish for me to inherit the store,” says Mr. Hui, the owner of On Kee Leather Goods, one of the last remaining stores in Yue Man Square, Kwun Tong. Hui is one of just three remaining merchants and two tradesman in the square, after it was scheduled for redevelopment. Unveiled […]

HKFP Guide: Writing to prisoners in Hong Kong

There are currently over 200 pro-democracy figures behind bars or in custody, according to prisoners’ rights group Wall-fare. In all, there were – on average – 7,752 people serving time in Hong Kong in 2019, the latest year statistics are available. Many people choose to post letters to people within the Hong Kong prison system […]

Who were the democrats said to have attended the closed-door consultation on Hong Kong’s electoral overhaul?

A senior Beijing official says pan-democrats were among over 1,000 people consulted about Hong Kong’s planned electoral overhaul during a three- day closed-door event in the city. Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Macao Affairs Office (HKMAO) Zhang Xiaoming, who made the comment on Wednesday, did not name the opposition figures who were said to […]


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