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Covid-19: Jordan restaurant owners reel from Hong Kong’s first lockdown and an unending evening dine-in ban

Hong Kong’s first lockdown to combat the coronavirus ended two days ago but Temple Street remained quiet and uncongested on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, as restaurateurs reeled from the after-effects of the weekend shutdown and a continuing evening dining ban. Many restaurants and stores in formerly locked-down Jordan shut down for the Tuesday lunch hour […]

Meet the Danish politicians wanted by Hong Kong for helping lawmaker Ted Hui flee the city

By Sebastian Skov Andersen It started over a beer and a chat. Less than a year later, Danish youth politicians Thomas Rohden and Anders Storgaard were threatened with potential extradition to the world’s most powerful dictatorship. They’re co-founders of the Danish China-Critical Society, an idea which came to them after a semi-drunken discussion about their […]

Some in Hong Kong’s S.Asian community report rise in discrimination after health official’s Covid-19 comments

Some members of Hong Kong’s South Asian communities have reported an uptick in discriminatory incidents this week, following suggestions by a senior health official that ethnic minorities were engaging in “behaviour that put them at risk” of contracting Covid-19. Reports include being singled out at work, being on the receiving end of derogatory remarks, and […]


Hong Kong District Councillor series: Suzanne Wu says many in society are oblivious to gender-based needs

When Suzanne Wu was elected to Yau Tsim Mong district council last year amid a landslide victory by democrats, she hoped to make gender perspectives in policymaking a mainstream issue. Even within the pro-democracy camp, the gender equality advocate said, some colleagues are oblivious of gender-based needs. The district council elections on November 24 last […]

HK 2020 Interview: Barrister Jessica Leung says justice dep’t is endangering Hong Kong’s rule of law

Barrister Jessica Leung says 2020 has left many Hongkongers downcast about the city’s future. Reflecting on developments in the judicial system, she understands why. Courts came under increasing political pressure as cases relating to the 2019 protests were heard. State-run newspapers Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po lambasted a judge who ruled that Hong […]


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‘We just want to come home:’ Hong Kong citizens and residents stranded in the UK after gov’t travel ban plead for help

Erica had planned to return to Hong Kong on January 3 after graduating from her master’s studies in London. Now, she has no idea when she will make it home. On December 21, authorities announced a complete ban on commercial flights from the UK to Hong Kong after the country reported a significantly more infectious […]

Skin in the game: Hong Kong protesters facing security law see banned slogan tattoos as ‘last inch of freedom’

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters Eugene and Hong are determined to keep their tattoos depicting the now-illegal slogan “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times.” They see their skin as the “last inch of freedom” remaining under the Beijing-enacted national security law. When Eugene carefully takes off his hoodie, a striking tattoo featuring the slogan and […]

Hong Kong District Councillor series: Security law soured gov’t attitude towards democrats says Beatrice Chu

Beatrice Chu, a pro-democracy district councillor for more than eight years, says Hong Kong’s new national security law has brought a marked change in official attitudes towards the councils, with some government bodies becoming increasingly unhelpful and condescending. Chu was elected to Tuen Mun District Council in 2012, after losing her first bid in 2008 […]

HK 2020 Interview: Ex-Hong Kong lawmaker says education has become a scapegoat for the protests

Hong Kong’s education sector underwent a turbulent year in the wake of the mass pro-democracy protests. The sector, seen by pro-Beijing forces as one of the instigators of the unrest, has seen teachers sacked and major changes to a key school subject designed to promote critical thinking. Former lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen, who is vice president […]

HK 2020 Interview: Medical sector lawmaker says Covid-19 shows hospitals have what it takes to better manage annual flu surge

The past year was a tumultuous and often tragic one for medical workers everywhere the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Hong Kong medics in the public healthcare system were among the first to treat victims of the disease, in a city still reeling from massive and often violent pro-democracy protests the previous year. In a blog post […]

Hong Kong District Councillor series: Gov’t is waging ‘total war’ but we must keep fighting, says Kwong Po-yin

Having twice been elected to Kowloon City District Council in the wake of mass pro-democracy protest movements, Kwong Po-yin remains committed to keep fighting for the movement despite all the setbacks of recent months. Months after the failure of the 2014 Umbrella Movement calling for universal suffrage, Hongkongers experienced a similar frustration and sense of […]

Hong Kong District Councillor series: Chan Kim-kam wants to change top-down culture to include minority voices

As the only female member of Tsuen Wan District Council, Chan Kim-kam is eager to change what she sees as a top-down council culture which restricts discussions of gender-related issues. In the past year, she says, she has found it hard to bring up such issues at meetings. Apart from the general atmosphere that prioritise […]

Hong Kong District Councillor series: Leticia Wong says she will do the most she can amid fears of ousting and arrests targeting democrats

Just over a year since she and hundreds of other democrats swept the board in Hong Kong’s district council elections, Leticia Wong is gloomy about the future — and unsure whether she can even escape arrest. Many see the November 2019 polls, in which democrats took control of 17 out of 18 councils, as Hong […]

Owned by Queen Cynthia: The life of a Hong Kong Dominatrix

The men who pay to worship her presence call her Queen Cynthia. For the last two years she has worked as a full-time professional dominatrix in Hong Kong, offering humiliation and pain to customers in search of sexual and emotional gratification. On her Twitter profile, Cynthia (her work name) posts videos and photos of her […]


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