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Interview: Law prof and rights expert Michael Davis says Beijing putting ‘severe pressure’ on Hong Kong courts, security law a rights violation

Beijing’s new national security law is aimed at crushing dissent in Hong Kong and its people could eventually face a broadly similar fate to those in Tibet and Xinjiang, says a law professor and human rights expert who spent 30 years in the city. The day after Beijing imposed the law on June 30, Professor […]

Why women face a battle to level up in Hong Kong’s e-gaming scene

By Salomé Grouard With at least 225 video games set in the territory, Hong Kong is the favourite location of many designers. And why wouldn’t it be? The city is a singular sight, with densely-packed streets, modern skyscrapers and a unique southern Chinese heritage. It’s the perfect backdrop. Paradoxically, the city’s professional gaming community lacks […]

In Pictures: University of Hong Kong tears down pro-democracy message board as campuses become free speech battleground

Hong Kong students are fearful that campuses could become a free speech battleground after authorities at the city’s most prestigious university tore down a “Lennon Wall” once plastered with messages of support for pro-democracy protesters. The walls were created to display articles, photos and posters to show solidarity with last year’s demonstrators, many of whom […]


‘We have done what we need to do’: Activist-scholar Benny Tai reflects on Hong Kong’s democracy movement on Occupy anniversary

Six years ago this Monday, tens of thousands of protesters poured onto a major road in Admiralty – the heart of Hong Kong – as police fired volleys of tear gas. It was the start of a 79-day blockade of major roads, with tents replacing traffic, which sparked international awareness and interest in Hong Kong’s […]

Under Beijing’s watchful eye, Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong treads a fine line

By Su Xinqi Not a day goes by without Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong wondering how long it will be before the police’s new national security unit comes for him. The 23-year-old is the city’s most high-profile political dissident, and has twice been jailed for leading anti-government protests in the city. But since Beijing […]


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‘Desperate times, desperate measures’: The Hong Kong protesters who want Trump to win a second term

By Sebastian Skov Andersen and Joyce Leung Next month’s US presidential election will be among the most closely watched in Hong Kong’s history. While Donald Trump is currently trailing in opinion polls, some pro-democracy supporters believe that only his re-election will guarantee the city’s continued existence as an entity distinct from mainland China.    At many […]

Hong Kong green groups criticise HK Express plan for ‘flights to nowhere’ amid pandemic

Hong Kong green groups have criticised a budget airline’s plan for “flights to nowhere” to cater for travel-lovers who have been earthbound during the Covid-19 pandemic. HK Express last month announced plans for three tours each lasting 90 minutes over the city – dubbed “UOFlycation” – to bring back the “memories of travel.” “Owing to […]

Explainer: How Beijing’s security law transformed Hong Kong – month 3

The Beijing-imposed national security law is reshaping Hong Kong’s political landscape as authorities clamp down on acts deemed to violate its broad provisions. This month, Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung took to the international stage to praise the controversial legislation for restoring “stability” to Hong Kong, despite accusations from activists and foreign officials of a tightening […]

Hong Kong’s rainbow ‘fashion masks’ fly off the shelves to ease pandemic gloom

Amid the coronavirus gloom afflicting many Hong Kong retailers, one business is bucking the trend – by offering colourful individualised facemasks to cheer up customers in a fashion-obsessed city. Masklab, a Hong Kong-based mask production company, opened a bricks-and-mortar store in Jordan district last Saturday. Since then, thousands of people have flocked to the pop-up […]

8 key protest moments captured by freelance and student journalists

Hong Kong police announced a controversial decision on Tuesday to redefine “media representatives” as government-registered and “internationally recognised” agencies, newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations. Press cards issued by local journalist groups would no longer be accepted as valid accreditation. The force said the proposed change to the Police General Orders would help facilitate frontline […]

Hong Kong protesters see Mulan as freedom fighter tarnished by Disney, but whose side was she really on?

By Sebastian Skov Andersen and Philip Naudus For months leading up to its release, protesters in Hong Kong urged the world to #BoycottMulan, Disney’s new live action movie adaptation of the millennium-old Chinese folk tale.  The calls quickly spread to other Asian destinations such as Thailand and Taiwan, where activists are fighting to introduce or […]

Protest anthem ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ will survive despite tough new security law and ban in schools, composer says

Glory to Hong Kong – a song which won fame worldwide as the anthem of the city’s pro-democracy protest movement – is one year old. And its composer believes it will always resonate with Hongkongers, despite an outright ban in schools following the enactment of a sweeping national security law. On September 8 last year, […]


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