The semi-abandoned remote village of Luk Chau sits on the northeast coast of Lamma Island.

Its original inhabitants – farmers and fishermen – came from Xixiang, Baoan in Guangdong.

Luk Chau literally means “deer islet,” as the village was rumoured to be home to barking deer.

Facing the sea, with woodland at the rear, it has idyllic feng shui and is home to about a dozen families today.

Many of the uninhabited properties are now derelict, with vines and banyan trees reclaiming the village.

Some of the properties contain furniature, crockery and family photos – now left abandoned.

It is also home to a curious traditional Chinese village house with art deco elements.

Luk Chau is a 15-minute speedboat ride from Aberdeen or a 40-minute hike from Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma.

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