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Hoi Hing Building in Tai Kok Tsui is one of HK URBEX’s favourite haunts. It was built in 1964 with nine floors housing 250 families.

The area is primarily a lower-income working class neighbourhood surrounded by industrial buildings. Hoi Hing’s demise began in 2008 when the land on which it sits was purchased by Henderson Land.

hkurbex hoi hing building
Photo: HKURBEX screenshot.

Some residents resisted the move but its fate was sealed in 2013 following a brutal double murder. Then 23-year-old Henry Chau killed and decapitated his parents in their apartment, earning the building the moniker “Broken Corpse Building.”

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Many residents then began to move out owing to bad feng shui. Since then, a series of mysterious fires and robberies have also plagued the remaining few tenants. In summer of 2017, Henderson Land finalised its purchase of the land with demolition beginning in October.

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