The Law Society of Hong Kong has said that the government should not rush the legislation of the controversial extradition bill and should conduct extensive consultation before taking it further.

Their 11-page submission to the Legislative Council was submitted ahead of a lawyers’ silent march set for Thursday night. Another protest against the bill is to be led by democrats this Sunday.

“The Law Society takes the view that as the proposed legislative amendments have far-reaching and important implications, there should be a comprehensive review of the extradition regime in Hong Kong and an extensive consultation with the stakeholders and the community,” it said. “The process takes time. As such, the HKSAR Government should not rush the legislative exercise.”

Law Society
Law Society of Hong Kong. Photo:

The submission included a section of “additional views” that it received, which were more critical of the government’s proposal.

Under the section, the Law Society cited opinions stating that the public have grave concerns over the prospect of being extradited to mainland China, which has signed – but has not ratified – the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

“The legal amendments could thus be conveniently be used for political persecution and suppress freedom of speech,” it wrote.

Melissa Pang
Hong Kong Law Society President Melissa Pang. Photo: Kris Cheng/HKFP.

Hong Kong proposed legal amendments in February to allow the city to handle case-by-case extradition requests from jurisdictions with no prior agreements – most notably China and Taiwan. The plan would enable the chief executive and local courts to handle extradition requests without legislative oversight, though lawyersjournalistsforeign politicians and businesses have raised concerns over the risk of residents being extradited to the mainland.

The Law Society cited views that the chief executive is politically appointed and not subject to election by universal suffrage.

“Under this political arrangement, a Certificate from the CE [to initiate extradition] cannot be any safeguard at all,” it wrote.

Carrie Lam
Carrie Lam. File photo:

Officials claim the extradition bill was spurred by the case of Poon Hiu-wing, a pregnant 20-year-old Hong Kong woman who was killed during a trip to Taiwan last February. Her boyfriend Chan Tong-kai is now serving jail time for unrelated charges, and the government said it must quickly establish a legal basis to transfer Chan to Taiwan to avoid him walking free.

But the Law Society cited views that the proposed case-by-case arrangement “could easily and abusively be turned into a permanent mechanism.”

It wrote that the government should put forward proposals to specifically address the Taiwan case. It suggested the Criminal Jurisdiction Ordinance be amended, so that Hong Kong courts could have extra-territorial jurisdictions to try a Hong Kong person who has committed a serious crime overseas in Hong Kong.

It also suggested that an express provision could be added so that the amendment could have retrospective effect to apply to the Taiwan case.

“Even assuming that the need for this piece of legislation could be justified, there is no convincing reason why the legislative exercise has to be urgent,” it added.

‘Top third ranking’

Meanwhile, Secretary for Security John Lee claimed that China was ranked 45 out of 140 countries in the World Economic Forum’s ranking on judicial independence, which was higher than Spain, Italy, South Korea and Thailand. He made his remarks during a special meeting of the Panel on Security on Wednesday morning.

“So if you divided it into thirds, China is ranking in the top third,” he said.

He was apparently referring to the Executive Opinion Survey by the World Economic Forum issued last year, in which China was ranked 46 out of 137 territories. The ranking was compiled by ratings from 12,274 responses from business executives.

【李家超被議員包圍 混亂間有議員報稱受傷】立法會保安事務委員會舉行最後一次特別會議,討論《逃犯條例》的修例後,多名民主派議員包圍保安局局長李家超,要求他下台及撤回修例,場面混亂,持續約10分鐘,有民主派議員報稱受傷。在會議結束後,民主派議員包括毛孟靜、范國威、區諾軒、林卓廷等人,高叫口號,又舉起標語及橫額向李家超抗議,李家超原本打算乘坐電梯離開但不成功,最終要行樓梯,從大樓的2樓到1樓,進入官員等候室,稍後出席立法會大會口頭質詢環節。#香港電台 #港台電視31 #港台電視32 #十點半新聞天地 #李家超 #逃犯條例 #民主派議員

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Lee was surrounded by protesting democrats after the meeting. Neo Democrats lawmaker Gary Fan and a security guard were both injured during the 10-minute commotion.

Legislative Council President Andrew Leung urged lawmakers to be aware of safety when voicing their opinion. He added that the LegCo secretariat will look into the incident, and will handle it in accordance with past practice.

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