The predominantly Muslim Uighur ethnic group are among the minorities targeted in what Beijing claims is a campaign to tackle unrest and separatism. The UN says a million Uighurs have been arbitrarily detained in extralegal “political reeducation camps,” whilst Human Rights Watch reports that surveillance and repression in Xinjiang has increased dramatically since 2016.


UK parliament bars Chinese ambassador after MPs sanctioned by Beijing

Leaders in the UK parliament on Tuesday barred a visit by China’s new ambassador after Beijing slapped sanctions against critical British MPs.  Envoy Zheng Zeguang was due Wednesday to address a group of members drawn from both the houses of Commons and Lords who work on promoting UK-China relations. But Iain Duncan Smith — one […]

HKFP Lens : Xinjiang through the years by photographer Patrick Wack

French documentary photographer Patrick Wack’s upcoming book captures changes in the landscape of China’s northwestern Xinjiang region, taken on multiple trips from 2016 and 2019. The images, interspersed with essays by China experts about Beijing’s changing attitudes towards Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the region, will be published in October by André Frère […]


How Beijing uses family videos to try to discredit Uyghur advocates

By Emily Upson Uyghurs are living under a reign of terror in East Turkistan (otherwise known as Xinjiang): as the government’s crackdown on them worsens, increasingly serious reports of mass detentions, forced sterilisations and systematic rape have been emerging. Those who have escaped the region believe their relatives face restrictions in communicating with them. As […]

Clubhouse app brought a brief flowering of détente – until Beijing clamped down

For about a week in early February, there was a burst of excitement about Clubhouse, an invitation-only app offering audio chats. Chinese-language salons involved thousands of people from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan discussing political and other topics. Sadly, but not surprisingly, this came to an end on February 8 when Clubhouse was banned in […]



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