Another needle found on a KMB bus has been reported, after police arrested a man on Wednesday under suspicion of involvement in three similar cases.

On Thursday night, police received another report of a needle found on route 298E from Hang Hau to Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate.

hang hau station
Hang Hau Station. File photo:

According to RTHK, a passenger boarded the bus at Hang Hau station at 8am on Thursday morning and sat upstairs. He discovered a needle stuck in the back pocket of his trousers after disembarking at Chun Kwong Street, but did not report it to anyone at the time.

The passenger reported the discovery to the terminus supervisor at the Lam Tin Station Public Transport Interchange around 8pm after leaving work, and the supervisor reported it to the police.

Police have received at least nine different reports of pins and needles found embedded in bus seats since last Wednesday; the most recent one makes ten.

Police said a 30-year-old man arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of wounding was believed to be involved in at least three of the nine cases. They are investigating whether the man had an accomplice.

kmb bus needles
The suspect being led away by police, officers displaying needles found in the suspect’s apartment.

Chan Yan, Acting Superintendent (Crime) of Sha Tin district, said the suspect’s motive may be related to dissatisfaction over buses skipping stops, causing him to be unable to board.

“The police are very concerned about these types of incidents, because we believe they were carried out with no specific goal in mind, yet they pose a great danger to public safety and create terror in society,” Chan said.

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