Workers at Shanghai’s Disneyland, which opened last week, only get paid around a quarter to one third of what Hong Kong Disneyland workers receive, according to staff speaking to RTHK.

Cleaning staff at the park are only paid up to RMB4,000 (HK$4,700) per month, which is about the same as similar jobs in Shanghai, staff said.

shanghai disneyland wages
Shanghai Disneyland’s hiring site, which says “join a legend, continue the story.” Photo: Screenshot.

A greeter said she earns about that amount per month. According to, US Disneyland workers earn about US$1,600 (HK$12,416), assuming a 40-hour workweek.

The greeter said the difference in pay makes her “uncomfortable,” but added that the company also provides medical benefits.

shanghai disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland. Photos: Weibo.

According to Shanghai Disneyland’s hiring site, the park provides medical insurance, holidays, bonuses, boarding or housing stipends for front-line performers, and other benefits including passes for friends and family.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s trade union have criticised Disney for “not taking social responsibility as an international organisation and exploiting its low-pay Shanghai workers,” according to the broadcaster.

buns disneyland prices
The receipt says RMB 210 for 6 meat buns. Photos: Weibo.

The regular entrance fee at Shanghai Disneyland is set at RMB370 (HK$436). Prices at Disneyland already made headlines in China in May, when netizens complained about buns costing RMB35 (HK$41), saying the prices surpassed those at Tokyo Disneyland.

Customers interviewed in a CCTV report over the weekend said they could accept the higher prices at a “high-quality” resort like Disneyland.

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