Gary Tyson is a former war photographer with the British Army. He is a now a professional photographer working in Asia.

He has photographed the Queen whilst in the Army, as well as US President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and even Jack Ma.

Mr Lo Wing-sun, aged 45, has lived in the village for 2 years. He wanted to farm but had no land. He has worked as a tutor for 10+ years and aims for a healthy lifestyle close to nature. He entertains villagers with traditional games and exercises. He also loves to juggle. Photo: Gary Tyson.

He approached the Mapopo Community Farm after hearing that part of their land was to be repossessed by Henderson Land Development Company Limited and wanted to shoot portraits of them in his own style.

Chan Gar-sun, aged 29, lived in the village for 4 years and is a working farmer. He studied Sports at University and worked previously as a researcher. Next to him is Daisy Ng, 21 years old, lived here on and off for 2 years, who works as a farmer. She became aware of the situation here and became conscious of the cause. Photos: Gary Tyson.
Chan Gar-sun and Daisy Ng. Photo: Gary Tyson.
Chan Gar-sun. Photo: Gary Tyson.
Chan Gar-sun and Daisy Ng. Photos: Gary Tyson.
Daisy Ng. Photo: Gary Tyson.
Chan Gar-sun and Daisy Ng. Photo: Gary Tyson.
Zoe Wong, a member of Mapopo Community Farm for the last 3.5 years. Photo: Gary Tyson.
Zoe Wong and Law Shui-shum, a farmer from the Au family. This family has lived and worked here for 3 generations since the 1940s, approximately 70 years. Photos: Gary Tyson.
Au Lau-kan, farmer. Photo: Gary Tyson.
Au Hei-man, community member. Photos: Gary Tyson.
Au Lan-kan and the Au family. Photos: Gary Tyson.
Au Ho-man, farmer. Photo: Gary Tyson.
Au Hei-man and Au Lan-kan. Photos: Gary Tyson.
Au Ho-man and Law Shui-shum. Photos: Gary Tyson.
Chung Chi-ho, farmer. Photos: Gary Tyson.

A gallery has been published in higher resolution on the F8 Photography website.

Law Shui-shum and Lo Wing-sun. Photos: Gary Jackson.

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