Boxes of meat have appeared around a Fanling community farm set to be repossessed by Henderson Land Development Company Limited on Tuesday afternoon.

An injunction allowing Henderson to take action to reclaim the 5,500 square foot parcel of land was approved by the High Court on May 23. Despite several attempts which involved guards dismantling the guard post built by protesters and the installation of metal boards, part of Mapopo Community Farm in Ma Shi Po has still yet to be retaken by the developer.

“Residents protecting the land found at least four boxes of fresh meat (which looks like pork to the naked eye),” a statement published on Tuesday night said. It was co-signed by residents guarding Ma Shi Po village, Mapopo Community Farm, Land Justice League, as well as other North East New Territories concern groups.

Meat found on Ma shi po land. Photo: Lovenent via Facebook.

The statement also said that the boxes of meat were placed between the guard post and fence, which “on one hand, [means that] residents protecting the land cannot reach it, and – on the other hand – it attracts a lot of fleas, mice, even maggots in an attempt to create a serious sanitation problem to force the protesters to leave.”

It is unknown who placed the boxes of meat near the guard post on the site, which was built by protesters out of wooden boards but the statement claimed that “Henderson Land is very cunning – on one hand it advises us to leave, on the other hand, it uses such dark tactics.”

Activists later said that security guards hired by Henderson Land used “provocative” tactics to harass protesters on Tuesday night.

The protesters claimed that several security guards were outside the farm listening to conversations. After they were discovered, they “used a torch to shine flashing lights to disturb those inside the farm” and “displayed all kinds of very childish provocative behaviour.” After being told the police were arriving at the scene, the activists say that they left.

Land to be repossessed on Mapopo Community farm. Photo: Lovenent via Facebook

“Our demands were always simple and direct: Oppose in situ land exchange, retract the North East New Territories development plan, use farmland for farming purposes, and let the city and countryside coexist. No cunning tactic will change the residents’ stance and heart,” read the statement.

 In a statement, Henderson said that activists were “slandering” the company.

“[Our] company absolutely did not put any food or objects on the land. After receiving such information, we have asked security guards stationed there to safely remove the relevant objects.”

The company said that it will discuss the matter with lawyers and reserves the right to take further action.

Update 12:20pm: This article has been updated with Henderson Land’s response.

Chantal Yuen

Chantal Yuen is a Hong Kong journalist interested in issues dealing with religion and immigration. She majored in German and minored in Middle Eastern studies at Princeton University.