Hong Kong people’s support for Taiwanese independence stands at 35 percent, the highest level since June 1995, a Hong Kong University POP survey shows. It also found that younger people were more likely to favour Taiwanese independence. Among 18-29-year olds, support for Taiwan nationhood stands at 67 percent.

Overall, 52 percent of those surveyed oppose independence for the island. The notion of Taiwan rejoining the United Nations received considerably more support, with 47 percent in favour and 30 percent opposed.

taiwan hong kong china map
Photo: Wikicommons remix.

Confidence in cross-strait reunification remains low with 56 per cent showing no confidence and just 28 per cent expressing confidence.

“Further analysis shows that the younger the respondents, the more supportive they are of Taiwan’s independence and the more pessimistic about cross-strait reunification,” said the commentary of the survey.

Only 21 per cent of people over the age of 50 supported independence for Taiwan.

The survey was conducted between February 29 and March 3, surveying a random sample of 1,004 people.

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