Student unions and NGOs raise alarm as Hong Kong rounds up activists under new security law

On Wednesday evening, police arrested four former members of the pro-independence group Studentlocalism on suspicion of inciting secession in the first major roundup of activists under the new national security law. Officers from the newly-established National Security Department detained three males and one female, aged 16-21, including 19-year-old ex-convenor Tony Chung, ex-spokesperson Ho Nok-hang, as […]


For Hong Kong democrats, a time to reflect: is there a way forward?

It was exactly six years ago that Benny Tai added an unexpected political spark to the Lunar New Year holiday by introducing a new plan to break the political deadlock. He and his contemporaries had been agitating for democratic political reform since their college days in the 1980s, when Hong Kong was still a colony […]

How Hong Kong’s public political discourse was mainlandised in 2018

We should perhaps spare a thought for Hong Kong officialdom – trapped as it is between Beijing’s current directives and the pre-1997 promises Beijing made about post-colonial Hong Kong being allowed to carry on “unchanged for 50 years.” The promises about existing rights and freedoms were written into Hong Kong’s new Basic Law constitution and […]


How a student’s column in a US college newspaper sparked a fiery debate over ‘Hongkonger identity’

A column entitled “I am from Hong Kong, not China” written for an American college newspaper has sparked a campus-wide debate over what it means to be Chinese. Frances Hui, a journalism student at Boston’s Emerson College, wrote last Monday’s opinion column for her school’s newspaper the Berkeley Beacon. After summarising Hong Kong’s history and recent politics, […]

Hong Kong must accept China with all its flaws to keep its privileges, says ex-official Christine Loh

Hong Kong must accept the China of today with all its flaws. Only then can the city protect its own special privileges. This is according to Christine Loh, a former undersecretary for the environment turned scholar. She has just released a new book alongside law professor Richard Cullen called No Third Person: Rewriting The Hong Kong […]


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