Rising through the ranks as a civil servant, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is Hong Kong’s 4th and current Chief Executive.




Explainer: 7 ways Beijing reduced democratic representation in Hong Kong’s elections

On Thursday, Hong Kong lawmakers overwhelmingly approved sweeping changes to the city’s elections in a bid to ensure the power to govern the semi-autonomous region lies only in the hands of “patriots.” The Beijing-led electoral shakeup has been hailed by government officials and pro-establishment figures as a way to shut out “anti-China” forces from the […]

Interview: Election changes mark ‘major regression’ of democracy in Hong Kong, says analyst Ma Ngok

China’s sweeping overhaul of Hong Kong’s political system amounts to a “major regression” of democracy and Hongkongers now feel their opinion is no longer respected, according to a leading analyst. Ma Ngok, associate professor of Hong Kong politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told HKFP the proposed amendments for “improving” the city’s elections […]

Hong Kong’s self-styled ‘voice of reason’ says Beijing-imposed electoral shake-up is ‘the worst’ things will get for the city

Pro-establishment lawmaker Michael Tien says that the centrally-imposed overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system is as far Beijing will go in terms of tightening its grip on the city, and that pragmatists like him will emerge as the biggest winners in a revamped Legislative Council (LegCo). “This is the worst [things will get],” Tien said […]


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