Rising through the ranks as a civil servant, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor is Hong Kong’s 4th and current Chief Executive.


Policy Address 2020: Hong Kong education to instil Chinese belonging and identity; quality of teachers to be ‘enhanced’

The Education Bureau will focus on bolstering national security education and monitoring the quality of the city’s teachers, while e-learning funding is set to be boosted, Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced during Wednesday’s policy address. Schools should implement educational activities on the importance of national security and One Country Two Systems in order to instil […]

Policy Address 2020: Hong Kong gov’t to introduce new bill setting out legal consequences for oath-breaching

The Hong Kong government will introduce a bill to amend local laws relating to official oath-taking procedures to “deal with” those who have breached their oaths under Article 104 of the Basic Law, according to Wednesday’s policy address. The proposed legislation, presented by Chief Executive Carrie Lam, will set out new arrangements for oath-taking by […]


Hong Kong’s incredible shrinking legislature is hard to explain away

It seems that no outrage perpetrated on Hong Kong can be allowed to pass without assurances from Beijing’s supporters that this is all normal international practice. Only last week, for example, we were told by one of the regime’s lapdogs that Australia, Canada and some US states had “snitch hotlines”, so complaints about the new […]

The expulsion of Hong Kong democrats sends a clear message: opposition is not welcome here

You know that the bottom of the barrel is being scrapped when the defenders of authoritarianism descend to the nether regions of logic to justify dictatorial government on the grounds of efficiency. So it comes as no surprise to see Hong Kong’s Quislings clucking around and declaring that Legco, shorn of an opposition, will at […]


Explainer: How – and why – Hong Kong’s legislative opposition ground to a halt

Hong Kong’s parliamentary opposition has just ground to a total halt, as a result of the government’s decision to disqualify four members of the Legislative Council from pro-democracy political parties. The four include Alvin Yeung, Kwok Ka-ki and Dennis Kwok from the pro-democracy Civic Party, as well as Kenneth Leung from the accountancy functional constituency. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Only 17% of Hongkongers approve of proposal to allow HK election voting in China despite Lam claim – HKFP-PORI poll

Only 17 per cent of Hong Kong people support a government proposal to let Hongkongers living in mainland China cast ballots remotely in the city’s elections, according to an opinion survey conducted for HKFP. Chief Executive Carrie Lam has claimed public support for the idea with media reports suggesting she will include it in her […]

Hong Kong’s future Liberal Studies teachers vow to stand by the subject despite pro-Beijing pressure

Three Hong Kong university students who will soon qualify as Liberal Studies teachers have vowed to stand by the subject despite complaints from pro-Beijing figures and the recent sacking of an educator accused of spreading pro-independence messages to pupils. The trio said they expected to come under intense scrutiny in the classroom but felt a […]


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