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Interview: Election changes mark ‘major regression’ of democracy in Hong Kong, says analyst Ma Ngok

China’s sweeping overhaul of Hong Kong’s political system amounts to a “major regression” of democracy and Hongkongers now feel their opinion is no longer respected, according to a leading analyst. Ma Ngok, associate professor of Hong Kong politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, told HKFP the proposed amendments for “improving” the city’s elections […]


Six reasons why Hongkongers should jump at a Covid-19 jab

It has been more than a year and two months since Covid first poked its spiky self into our already complicated lives, fellow Hongkongers. Relative to most of the world, we have gotten off lightly, but it’s still been a morass of virus waves, leading to restrictions and closures. Some of us haven’t seen our […]

The mystery job that seems tailor-made for a CY Leung comeback

Let us now consider an interesting mystery. What are the powers and functions of the newly minted official post, the Chief Convener of the Election Committee? This is an interesting question, firstly because the old election committee seems to have managed without a convener, so it seems some new service will be provided, if we […]

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Queuing, blank placards and shopping: how Hongkongers innovated acts of resistance during security law clampdown

On Thursday, Hong Kong marks its first National Security Education Day since Beijing imposed a controversial new law last June. Despite growing restrictions on political activity and freedom of expression, city residents have continued to carry out acts of resistance. HKFP takes a look at how Hongkongers are continuing to make their voices heard. Queueing […]

Some 3,200 individual voters involved in selecting Hong Kong’s powerful new election committee compared to 239,000 before

Only about 3,000 individual voters will be involved in selecting Hong Kong’s revamped and much more powerful election committee compared to 239,000 previously, after a political overhaul ordered by Beijing goes into force. In 2020, 239,193 individual voters were registered to select the 1,200-member election committee. Under the new system, only about 3,200 individuals remain […]

Interview: Pro-Beijing Bauhinia Party will bloom in Hong Kong’s new political climate, says co-founder

China’s sweeping changes to Hong Kong’s political system have majority support in the city, according to the co-founder of Hong Kong’s newest political party who says the overhaul will benefit newcomers like his own Bauhinia Party. Business executive Charles Wong, in an interview with HKFP, also denied his party is geared towards mainland-born residents of […]

Artist navigates red lines to take his protest message to the streets of Hong Kong

Street artist Vladimir Grankovsky carefully adds the brushstrokes of the banned protest slogan “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times,” and his painting of a pro-democracy protester standing in front of a full moon springs to life. The Ukrainian turns his finished work around for inspection by a crowd of around 20 people watching him […]

Hong Kong’s self-styled ‘voice of reason’ says Beijing-imposed electoral shake-up is ‘the worst’ things will get for the city

Pro-establishment lawmaker Michael Tien says that the centrally-imposed overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system is as far Beijing will go in terms of tightening its grip on the city, and that pragmatists like him will emerge as the biggest winners in a revamped Legislative Council (LegCo). “This is the worst [things will get],” Tien said […]


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Myanmar’s coup marks a continuing worldwide retreat from democracy

By T-Fai Yeung Myanmar’s coup is part of the retreat from democracy around the world. Some commentators see the balance of power swinging against the global democratic bloc unless a way can be found to deter the armed forces from committing crimes against humanity. Did the military over-react? February 1, 2021 was when the government […]