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Classic, exclusive “press freedom” design by local artist Sellwords. Size: 38 x 42 x 10cm. 10oz thick Canvas bag (with bottom). Includes free P&P. Cancel at any time. Already a monthly supporter? Just email us your latest receipt to claim.

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HKFP has an impartial stancetransparent funding, and balanced coverage guided by an Ethics Code and Corrections Policy

Our newly-expanded team is dedicated to remaining on-the-ground, amongst Hongkongers, as the city’s only English-language independent news outlet. Powered by reader support, we are dedicated to safeguarding the remaining space for press freedom, monitoring the courts and legislature, and asking tough questions of officials.

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Key to HKFP’s longevity has been our strict impartial stance, our commitment to accuracy, and our unprecedented level of financial transparency as a non-profit. But the newsroom now faces rising costs and declining revenue amid a population exodus, new PayPal requirements, and waning interest in local news.

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Despite a years-long funding crisis in media, we have vowed never to install a paywall and we rely on our monthly Patrons to help keep HKFP free to read for those who can’t afford to chip in. The price of a weekly coffee will help us keep the lights on and return to sustainability.

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Hong Kong Free Press is a new, non-profit, English-language news source seeking to unite critical voices on local and national affairs. Free of charge and completely independent, HKFP arrives amid rising concerns over declining press freedom in Hong Kong and during an important time in the city’s constitutional development.