Hong Kong Free Press is launching a funding appeal, as we invite readers to help protect press freedom and safeguard the city’s only English-language independent newsroom.

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Here are seven great reasons to become an HKFP Patron today:

  1. 💪 Ensure our independence: Unlike other English-language titles, HKFP is not answerable to any tycoon, conglomerate parent company, government or shareholders. We are 100% independent and unique in the local media landscape as a non-profit, people-powered news outlet. We have never self-censored a local news story.
  2. 📝 Invest in original, ethical reporting: HKFP has an impartial stancetransparent funding, and balanced coverage guided by an Ethics Code and Corrections Policy. Our award-winning, original reporting met 100 per cent of NewsGuard’s credibility criteria, following their independent audit.
  3. 📢 Support press freedom: Since its founding, HKFP has used legal mechanisms to fight for press freedom. As media outlets disappear, our team are dedicated to occupying the remaining space for on-the-ground reporting in Hong Kong – monitoring the courts, legislature and government, and asking tough questions of officials.
  4. 🔎 Financial transparency: We are Hong Kong’s most financially transparent outlet, publishing as much detail as possible from our annual, external audit each year. See where our income comes from, and how we spend it. Be assured that, when you back us, your money is directly supporting local journalists and freelancers during an industry upheaval.
  5. 💵 No paywalls: HKFP will never put up a paywall, but we need more readers to help us keep the lights on. Currently, around 1,000 Patrons contribute an average of HK$200 per month to help keep our newspaper free-to-access for those who cannot afford to chip in.
  6. It’s easy: Donate the equivalent of an hour’s work per month, or the price of a weekly coffee. Contribute in seconds via credit card, bank transfer or FPS, cheque, PayPal, Octopus, PayMe, Tap & Go, CoinDragon or Google and Apple Pay. Adjust, pause or cancel your payments immediately, at any time, without fuss.

For the first time, HKFP recruited a dedicated photographer last Autumn and, in September, will hire a social media and production manager. We need your support in 2023 to help HKFP balance the books and support our expanding newsroom.

contribute to hkfp payment methods

Can’t afford to support us directly this year? Please help us spread the word…

Hong Kong Free Press is a new, non-profit, English-language news source seeking to unite critical voices on local and national affairs. Free of charge and completely independent, HKFP arrives amid rising concerns over declining press freedom in Hong Kong and during an important time in the city’s constitutional development.