A video clip showing police examining a discarded sex doll in Big Wave Bay has left villagers wondering who threw it out.

YouTube video

Three officers were seen unwrapping the life-size doll having cordoned off the area.

The video was shot at around 9:30 a.m. on Monday by a local resident.

“When I took out the rubbish this morning, I opened one of the bins and jumped back and… saw a body wrapped up in black garbage bags with masking tape around it, just laying at the bottom of the bin with nothing else in it,” a village resident in her 30s told HKFP. “So I went around to the other side of the bin and I opened it up to see from a different angle and it was like a legit body, kind of sitting up. Like I could see the head, the shoulders, and the legs.”

big wave bay sex doll
Photo: Supplied.

She said that one of the bin men called the police, who requested to speak to her.

“I went down there and when I arrived there they were just about to open up the bag, and then when they opened it up – with locals and people standing around – you could see the shoes… they didn’t open it from the head side. First, it was the shoes and then the silicon and then everyone just started laughing.”

In a local village WhatsApp group, villagers speculated that the body may have been discarded by an outsider, until it emerged it was a sex toy.

“My helper came running in and said someone found a body in a bin… then the bin man was freaking out,” another 36-year-old resident – who did not wish to be named – told HKFP. “He called the police – everyone found it hilarious. Apparently it was quite heavy.”

Police said they did not have details of any call-out relating to a suspected dead body on Monday.

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