Fifty-three people were arrested on Wednesday for alleged subversion under the security law for organising and participating in the legislative primaries run by the democrats last July. Among the detained were prominent pro-democracy activists, former opposition lawmakers and lawyers who helped carry out the city-wide poll. Over 600,000 Hongkongers voted in the unofficial democratic primaries which aimed to secure a majority for the democratic camp in the city’s partially-elected legislature.

Democrat primary election Tiffany Yuen Agnes Chow
Tiffany Yuen and her election team. Photo: Studio Incendo.

HKFP rounds-up who was targeted – most of whom were candidates.

Hong Kong Island
Tat ChengArrested
Fergus LeungArrested
Tiffany YuenArrested
Clarisse YeungArrested
Andy ChuiArrested
Michael PangArrested
Nathan LawIn self-exile
Ted HuiIn self-exile
Kowloon West
Jimmy ShamArrested
Claudia MoArrested
Lawrence LauArrested
Helena WongArrested
Nathan LauArrested
Kalvin HoArrested
Jeffrey AndrewsArrested
Frankie FungArrested
Sunny CheungIn self-exile
Kowloon East
Jeremy TamArrested
Wu Chi-waiArrested
Sze Tak-loyArrested
Kinda LiArrested
Joshua WongImprisoned
Tam Tak-chiImprisoned
New Territories West
Carol NgArrested
Prince WongArrested
Sam CheungArrested
Eddie ChuArrested
Kwok Ka-kiArrested
Andrew WanArrested
Ng Kin-waiArrested
Roy TamArrested
New Territories East
Alvin YeungArrested
Leung Kwok-hungArrested
Ray ChanArrested
Lam Cheuk-tingArrested
Gwyneth HoArrested
Owen ChowArrested
Ricky OrArrested
Hendrick LuiArrested
Gary FanArrested
Lee Chi-yungArrested
Ventus LauArrested
Mike LamArrested
Functional Constituency – District Council II
James ToArrested
Shun LeeArrested
Henry WongArrested
Lester ShumArrested
Roy KwongArrested
Functional Constituency – Health Services
Lau Hoi-manArrested
Joseph Lee Kok-longArrested
Ricky YuenArrested
Winnie YuArrested
Other primary election organisers
Benny TaiPrimaries organiserArrested
Robert ChungPrimaries co-organiser, executive director of PORIAssistance requested for investigation
Andrew ChiuPower for Democracy convenorArrested
John ClanceyPower for Democracy treasurerArrested
Ben ChungPower for Democracy deputy convenorArrested
Au Nok-hinPrimaries coordinatorArrested
Gordon Ng Ching-hangActivist advocating for the primariesArrested
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