Police arrested three men on suspicion of possessing firearms on Monday, though faced questions from district counsellors over an arrest operation in Sha Tin. Officers locked themselves in a flat for over three hours during an arrest as they told local representatives outside the door that the suspect had refused a lawyer.

The district councillor for Kwong Yuen Estate, Yeung Sze-kin, livestreamed the commotion outside the apartment in Oak House. He told viewers that he had seen police enter the flat after a previous noise complaint.

police dispute
[Left] A man was taken away from the unit with his head covered. Photo: Liao Pak-hong, via Facebook. [Right] Kwong Yuen Estate’s Oak House. Photo: Yeung Sze-kin’s Facebook livestream screenshot.

During the livestream, the councillor repeatedly knocked on the door as someone inside the flat said: “Police are operating, do not disturb.” A security guard asked Yeung and his assistants to leave as he claimed they were causing a nuisance to residents. A man was eventually taken away from the flat with his head covered at around 9pm.

Firearms operation

Organized Crime And Triad Bureau Senior Superintendent Steve Li told the press on Tuesday that police were investing a suspected case of possessing arms or ammunition without a licence. Three males aged 25 to 63 were arrested during the operation including the one at Kwong Yuen Estate.

kwong yuen estate arrest april 20
Photo: Liao Pak-hong, via Facebook.

As the resident refused to open the door when police arrived at around 5:10pm on Monday, officers forcibly entered, Li told the press.

At around 6:09pm, a female who said she was a barrister requested that officers open the door as she wished to see her client inside. Li said the officer asked if the arrested person wished to be represented but the suspect declined.

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