Large-scale protests erupted last June over a now-axed extradition bill that would have enabled fugitive transfers to mainland China. For the entirety of the unrest — from the early, vast marches to the violent police arrests to the vandalism and the eventual ballot box victory — some of the world’s best local and international photographers were there to bear witness.

rain hong kong protests
Photo: Remy Soubanere.
Defiance and voices protest Dale De La Rey
Photo: Dale De La Rey/ AFP.

Photojournalists were at the front lines to capture some of the most intimate moments and the most pivotal events.

Defiance and voices protest nicolas asfouri
Photo: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP.

DEFIANCE is a photographic chronicle of the most unforgettable year in Hong Kong’s history.

Defiance and voices protest studio incendo
Photo: Studio Incendo.

The collection include shots from HKFP’s May James, as well as images from our partners.

Defiance and voices protest jerome favre
Photo: Jerome Favre/EPA.
hong kong protest aerial causeway bay
Photo: StudioIncendo.
Defiance and voices protest may james
Photo: May James.
Defiance and voices protest miguel candela
Photo: Miguel Candela.
protest fire
Photo: Joseph Cheng Wai Hok – Ménos Photos.
prince edward
Photo: Walid Berrazeg.

A companion book, VOICES, is a collection of the artwork, slogans and verse spawned by the Hong Kong protest movement.

Defiance and voices bitterboysdiary protest
Poster: bitterboysdiary.

From the very beginning of the demonstrations, with the first mass rally in June, Hong Kong’s artists found creative inspiration in the drama unfolding in the streets. Their work has, in turn, given visual expression to the people’s anguish, anger and anxiety — through poster art, graffiti, Cantonese wordplay and widely shared internet memes.

Defiance and voices badiucao protest
Poster: Badiucao

At some of the darkest moments, artists provided levity and relief, and added fuel to keep the momentum alive.

Defiance and voices protest dominic chiu
Photo: Dominic Chiu.

The Defiance and Voices team sought to document the momentous period of Hong Kong’s recent history through the publication of two classic books and collaborate with internationally and locally acclaimed photographers, writers, artists and designers in their production.

Defiance and voices protest anthony wallace
Photo: Anthony Wallace/ AFP.
Defiance and voices protest miguel candela
Photo: Miguel Candela.

All profits will be donated to charity.

Defiance and voices protest ben marans
Photo: Ben Marans.

More information can be found on the project’s website and Facebook page.

Showcasing photographic talent from Hong Kong and beyond.