Netizens initiated a mass “unlike” drive of the Hong Kong Police Facebook page on Monday after the force celebrated surpassing the 300,000 followers milestone.

Photo: Hong Kong Police screenshot, via Facebook.

“The police force has been through ups and downs with Hongkongers during this time,” the force wrote in a post. “On the internet, full of chaotic messages, we will strive to provide accurate and reliable information about the force.

However, within hours, the follower count had dropped from over 300,000 to under 292,500.

One commenter said: “People liked and followed your page just to keep tabs on what you are doing, so that they can slam you right after you posted. Please don’t think you are popular.”

Another wrote: “Thank you for posting about this. It reminded me that I need to unlike your page.”

The force has been under fire for its handling of the recent anti-extradition law protests. Last week, Amnesty International urged for the establishment of an independent investigation into the behaviour of officers, saying the current complaints system lacks investigative power and impartiality.

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