A well-known Hong Kong protester who disappeared from the city last August has reportedly told local media that she is facing criminal proceedings over the border in Shenzhen.

Alexandra Wong, 63, was frequently spotted at anti-extradition bill protests last summer where she would wave a large Union Jack. She was last seen in Hong Kong on August 11 when she was surrounded by riot police outside Tai Koo MTR station.

tai koo august 11 china extradition
Photo: May James/HKFP.

Stand News reported on Thursday that it had received an email believed to be from Wong, which revealed that she was detained in Shenzhen last year and is now awaiting trial. She had previously told the media that she lived alone in the Chinese city and commuted across the border to join the demonstrations.

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“I am still alive without soul! Have been released from small cage. Now!!! Be inside the big cage!!!” she wrote in an email dated January 9.

According to a chronology she compiled, Wong said she was held at a detention centre in Futian on August 14 for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles.” The charge is often used against dissidents in the mainland.

She was transferred to Shenzhen No. 2 Detention Centre on August 30 – which she described as “hell” – and was released on September 29.

july 21 china extradition
Grandma Wong. Photo: May James/HKFP.

Wong also implied in the email that she had asked mainland authorities for permission to go to Hong Kong for medical treatment but was still “waiting.” She was hospitalised after being beaten by Hong Kong police on August 11, she added.

“The sky is so grey. I cry everyday,” she wrote. “I can lose, but you must win!”

In her email, Wong also alluded to partaking in “patriotic education” between last September 29 and October 3, but the details remain unclear.

Before the latest email, Stand News said that it had received communication from Wong on November 24 and December 17 last year. The news outlet could not verify if Wong had regained her freedom, it said.

Pro-democracy lawmaker Eddie Chu said in September that he was informed by the Security Bureau that Wong was in the mainland and “safe,” but the Bureau said it would only divulge details to Wong’s family. Chu told HKFP at the time that he was trying to reach out to her for legal support.

Asked about Wong’s situation, the Security Bureau told the media that it would not comment on individual cases.

”Alexandra Wong’s email to Stand News“

Hello! My Friend,

I am still alive without soul!
Have been released from the small cage.
Be inside the big cage!!!
The sky is so grey.
I cry everyday,
have been prohibited to have Known and My-say.
Trying to fly the way back to
zzzzz ……ffffly..fly ..Zzz nineteen ninety-ZZseven.


8.11 在港被‘狂’暴警打傷入院
8.14 一生正直無私,卻於‘心顫’無辜入獄(福田拘留所, 尋釁滋事罪)
8.30 轉入地獄(深圳市第三看守所)
9.29 假出獄
9.29-10.03 愛國教育!!學‘酒’肉(走肉),



王婆婆(Alexandra Wong)敬上 Shenzhen, 2020.01.09

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