Almost all local newspapers put Sunday’s march against the controversial extradition bill on their front pages. Many focused on the apology issued by Chief Executive Carrie Lam. A few splashed the organiser turnout estimate of two million, though the police said 338,000 marched along the designated route at the rally’s peak. HKFP rounds up the frontpages from the local press.

Apple Daily

“Write our own history – two million and one. Hong Kong people: Carrie Lam step down”

Apple Daily

The pro-democracy Apple Daily put one of the protesters’ main demands on the front page with a photo showing the heaving crowd. The “one” refers to a protester who fell to his death on Saturday whilst protesting against the extradition bill.

Ming Pao

“Protesters urge Carrie Lam to step down, Lam issues statement to apologise; Black clothes and white flowers – million people demand retraction”

Ming Pao

Hong Kong’s leading broadsheet also splashed a large aerial photo showing streets packed with demonstrators. The reference to “black clothes” related to the chosen colour for the protest, whilst “white flowers” referred to the offerings carried by protesters for the 35-year-old man who died on Saturday.

Oriental Daily

“Angry people fill streets – Carrie Lam apologises; Secretary for Justice’s failure in explaining the law amendments incited people to march and made the Hong Kong government lose its governing power – Teresa Cheng should go”

Oriental Daily

The Beijing-friendly paper placed news of Carrie Lam’s apology on a top bar of the front page, whilst its main story focused on the failure of the Secretary for Justice, urging her to step down.

Sing Pao

“Historic record of two million marching to demand Carrie Lam step down”

Sing Pao

The newspaper put photos of the march on the front page reporting the protesters’ main demand.

Sing Tao Daily: “Residents flood streets; Carrie Lam finally apologises”

Sing Tao

The pro-Beijing newspaper put a large photo of the march on its front page and reported Carrie Lam’s apology.

South China Morning Post: “March forces Lam apology”


The English-language South China Morning Post also featured a large front-page photo and a feature story on the march.

Ta Kung Pao

“Who benefits from destroying our home?”

Ta Kung Pao

The Beijing-backed Ta Kung Pao’s lead interviewed a seafood buyer who said that his business was harmed by the protests. The story above it detailed how Beijing supported the chief executive, as well as Lam’s apology.

Wen Wei Po

“All sectors urge a return to rational thinking and a focus on developing the economy”

Wen Wei Po

Wen Wei Po, another Beijing-backed newspaper, reported how many sectors said in interviews with the newspaper that Hong Kong should focus on developing the economy again, after the government announced that it will not be working on the extradition bill for now.

China Daily

Meanwhile, the state-backed China Daily was derided on Monday across Twitter for its angle on Hong Kong’s day of dissent.

It gave focus to an alliance of 30 local political, business and legal dignitaries who condemned the US “for stirring up youth against extradition bill.”

china daily

The front page of its international edition included a sidebar on the situation in Hong Kong, claiming the suspension of the extradition bill received strong support.

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