[Sponsored] NGO Justice Centre has announced the winners of the 2018 Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize (HKHRP) – an annual event that explores the state of human rights both at home and abroad via any visual art medium.

Launched in 2013, this year’s prize was co-presented by Justice Centre Hong Kong and the European Union Office of Hong Kong & Macau and looks to share powerful stories from the city’s artists. The winners were announced on Friday.

HKHRAP shortlisted artworks include Cathleen Ching Yee Lau’s ‘Wildness in Pawn’ (left) and Mong Sum Leung’s The Flag of Hong Kong, ‘Waving in Wind’ (right). Photo: Justice Centre.

A diverse selection of 23 artworks by 24 artists have been shortlisted for the award; the artists were selected from a pool of 126 entries.

The winner received a prize of HK$35,000 and an exclusive trophy by renowned Hong Kong artist Jaffa Lam. The two runners-up and the Director’s Choice also received awards.

The acclaimed judging panel included:

  • Mimi Brown, Founder, Spring Workshop
  • Claire Hsu, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Asia Art Archive
  • Professor Pang Laikwan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Professor Eric Poon, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Ben Quilty, Artist
  • Dr. Kacey Wong, Artist
The Hive Spring exhibition hall of the 2018 Human Rights Arts Prize. Photo: Justice Centre.

The exhibition at The Hive Spring was curated by Sampson Wong, a Hong Kong-based academic, artist and independent curator.

HKFP shares the winners and runners-up:

Winner – Siu Wai-hang, “Open Ta Kung Pao.” The award-winning video installation explores the relationship between identity and power in China’s oldest pro-Beijing newspaper, Ta Kung Pao.

Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2018 winner Siu Wai-hang, ‘Open Ta Kung Pao.’ Photo: Justice Centre.

First runner-up – Cheung Hing-yee, “Soften stones 1: Tombstone for 61 HK students suicide since 2016”

Cheung Hing Yee, ‘Soften stones 1: Tombstone for 61 HK students suicide since 2016.’ Photo: Justice Centre.

Second runner-up – Lo Yuet-mei, “Boxed In”

Lo Yuet-mei, ‘Boxed In.’ Photo: Justice Centre.

Director’s choice – Lau Ching-yee, “Wildness in Pawn”

Lau Cathleen Ching Yee, ‘Wildness in Pawn.’ Photo: Justice Centre.

Eaton Award – Ophelia Jacarini, “Blooming 2”

Ophelia Jacarini, ‘Blooming 2.’ Photo: Justice Centre.

Eaton Acknowledgement – Art Women X Aanya, “Creating agency and sustainable futures.”

Art Women x Aanya. Photo: Justice Centre.

An exhibition of the finalists’ works is available for public viewing throughout Eaton HK’s Hotel Lobby Area from January 14 to February 3 2019. The winning artist will have his work displayed in the hotel’s “Tomorrow Maybe” gallery space. The gallery opening times are from Monday to Sunday, 11am-9pm – more information can be found here. Details on an art auction are to be announced soon.

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