Photography art initiative Bamboo Scenes will open its doors to celebrate its first anniversary on December 2 from 1 to 6pm, at Fuk Sau Lane in Sai Ying Pun.

Jose Macedo - World Clocks
‘World Clocks.’ Photo: Jose Macedo.

The gallery will show stunning, never-exhibited-before street photography artworks and will introduce new Hong Kong photographers such as Jeremy Cheung, Carlos Sun, Kevin Mak and May James.

Bamboo Scenes aims to promote local, affordable art, with a focus on architecture and urban life.

Michael Kistler - Subtracting Fractions
‘Subtracting Fractions.’ Photo: Michael Kistler.
Gideon de Kock - Coffee Silhouette
‘Coffee Silhouette.’ Photo: Gideon de Kock.

“What started as an idea to open up the local art scene in one of the most photogenic cities in the world, has now grown into a thriving community of photographers and art enthusiasts, with meaningful photo art prints on walls in Hong Kong and beyond. Bamboo Scenes Photography Gallery is turning one, and that is worth a celebration!” the gallery said.

Christopher Button - Mass of Bodies
‘Mass of Bodies.’ Photo: Christopher Button.

The initiative has partnered up with restaurant Locofama and Wine Moments to host the event.

Carlos Sun - Fire Dragon
‘Fire Dragon.’ Photo: Carlos Sun.

Bamboo Scenes, founded by Dutch female entrepreneur Madelon de Grave, launched last year with an exhibition attracting over 500 visitors.

Tricia Darling - The Games We Play
‘The Games We Play.’ Photo: Tricia Darling.

The gallery will donate 10 per cent of profits to charity ImpactHK helping the homeless.

Sharon Liu - Tiffany Blues
‘Tiffany Blues.’ Photo: Sharon Liu.

Hong Kong art prints exhibited at Bamboo Scenes have reached international recognition with destinations as Tokyo, Melbourne, Berlin, Stockholm, L.A. among others.

Sarie Moolenburgh - Turn Back Time
‘Turn Back Time.’ Photo: Sarie Moolenburgh.
Christopher Lim - 002
Photo: Christopher Lim.
May James - Passing Time
‘Passing Time.’ Photo: May James.
Kitty Chu - Vice Versa
‘Vice Versa.’ Photo: Kitty Chu.
Derry Ainsworth - $ change ¥
‘$ change ¥.’ Photo: Derry Ainsworth.
Kevin Mak - Light of Mercy
Light of Mercy. Photo: Kevin Mak.
Stephanie Teng - Reframe
‘Reframe.’ Photo: Stephanie Teng.
Timmy Lo - Leap
‘Leap.’ Photo: Timmy Lo.
Elaine Li - Golden Days
‘Golden Days.’ Photo: Elaine Li.
Jeremy Cheung
Photo: Jeremy Cheung.
Nukeproofsuit - Eye Candy
‘Eye Candy.’ Photo: Nukeproofsuit.
Natasza Minasiewicz - Sheung Wan, Dina
’06: Sheung Wan, Dina.’ Photo: Natasza Minasiewicz.

Showcasing photographic talent from Hong Kong and beyond.