Photography art initiative Bamboo Scenes is celebrating the acquisition of its new gallery with a launch party on September 8, from 12 to 6pm, at Fuk Sau Lane in Sai Ying Pun.
Christopher Button Monsters from the Deep
‘Monsters from the Deep.’ Photo: Christopher Button.
The initiative has partnered up with restaurant Locofama, BlackSalt and Wine Moments to host the event.
Christopher Lim
Photo: Christopher Lim.
Bamboo Scenes aims to promote local, affordable art, with a focus on architecture and urban life.
Gideon de Kock Mong Kok Casualty
‘Mong Kok Casualty.’ Photo: Gideon de Kock.
Its founder, Madelon de Grave, said that the initiative aims to provide a different perspective on local art: “We want to reinvent the art experience in Hong Kong, by creating a space where you can freely enjoy art. Here you can explore the collections, and we can offer advice if needed,” she said.
Elaine Li Headlight
‘Headlight.’ Photo: Elaine Li.
The collection will showcase new artists Michael Kistler, Paul S., Kevin Mak and Christopher Button, as well as existing artists Elaine Li, Timmy Lo, Stephanie Teng and more.
Derry Ainsworth Break of Nature
‘Break of Nature.’ Photo: Derry Ainsworth.
10 per cent of profits made by Bamboo Scenes will be donated to ImpactHK, a charity supporting the homeless.
Elaine Li Sun Will Rise Tomorrow
‘Sun Will Rise Tomorrow.’ Photo: Elaine Li.
The launch party will feature a live DJ and be catered by chefs at BlackSalt and Locofama.
José Macedo SSP Lighthouse
‘SSP Lighthouse.’ Photo: José Macedo.
Bamboo Scenes has also partnered up with music collective Spin Sum to join their extended Art Brunch session at Spiga after the event ends at 6pm. Enquire here for tickets.
Kasper Forest The Soldier Hungry Ghost Festival
‘The Soldier’ at the Hungry Ghost Festival. Photo: Kasper Forest.
Kevin Mak Bamboo
‘Bamboo.’ Photo: Kevin Mak.
Kitty Chu Hide and Seek
‘Hide and Seek.’ Photo: Kitty Chu.
Michael Kistler Secrets and Lies
‘Secrets and Lies.’ Photo: Michael Kistler.
Natasza Minasiewicz Sai Ying Pun, Dina
Sai Ying Pun, Dina. Photo: Natasza Minasiewicz.
Paul S.
Photo: Paul S.
Sarie Moolenburgh Neighbours
‘Neighbours.’ Photo: Sarie Moolenburgh.
Sharon Liu Magic
‘Magic.’ Photo: Sharon Liu.
Stephanie Teng Light Weights
‘Light Weights.’ Photo: Stephanie Teng.
Tricia Darling Always in the Spotlight
‘Always in the Spotlight.’ Photo: Tricia Darling.
Visit Bamboo Scenes’ website here. See their Facebook page here, and Instagram here.

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