The Security Bureau has extended the deadline for the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party to respond to the government’s potential ban on the group. The deadline was increased from 21 to 49 days – the party must now respond by September 4.

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Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

The decision made public on Tuesday after the party’s legal representative requested an extension.

In their legal recommendation to ban the embattled party, the police cited the Societies Ordinance. They told the government that there was a sufficiently strong case in the interests of “national security, public safety, public order, protection of freedom and rights of others” for the security secretary to ban the group.

Andy Chan, the group’s convenor, said it was “unfair” that he would have to respond within 21 days to a 900-page dossier, as it contained 700 pages of his speeches and events collected by police over two years.

Andy Chan Ho-tin
Andy Chan Ho-tin. File Photo:

The Security Bureau said it has informed the legal representative of Chan about the extension.

Chan also requested that the police reveal surveillance records relating to him. Chan has said he may file a legal challenge against the ban after he has exhausted all existing administrative methods to oppose it.

But the Security Bureau did not respond to the matter in its Tuesday statement. The Bureau stated last week that it was seeking legal advice.

Chan told HKFP that the Security Bureau did not respond to his request to reveal information they held on him, adding that he will continue seeking legal advice over the case.

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