[Sponsored] A year ago, the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival team discussed the notion of “be water” – a state of mind and a spiritual status. This was easier said than done, yet – in the context of present-day technology – the concept seemed as easily achievable as clicking a “share” button. But do the things that wowed us in the past still wow us today?

After celebrating its 20-year anniversary, Microwave continues to explore and innovate. As media and technology progress at lightening speed, Microwave explores the idea of “live.” Everything can be live – it is not exclusive to describing performances. Technology has granted us the “right” to broadcast in real-time, i.e. “live”, on social media, and on live streaming platforms. But given the circumstances, how do we define “live”?

Microwave festival performance
Shelly Knotts and Sean Cotterill perform at UNCONFERENCE. Photo: Microwave.

Live performances, live broadcast on Facebook, generative animations and live coding gigs… these all share a “live” element. But what is it, and what is being constructed when these live activities occur simultaneously?

YouTube video

This year’s festival will consist of a series of different programmes, including a grand opening, a non-traditional conference “Unconference”, a main exhibition, a project room exhibition, artist symposium, workshops and screening programmes.


Unconference will be held at Future Cinema Studio at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre at the City University of Hong Kong in Kowloon Tong on October 7 from 3pm to 5pm.

Speakers and performers are Shelly Knotts & Sean Cotterill from UK, they will speak their projects as well as demonstrate their live coding performance.

Microwave festival performance
Shelly Knotts and Sean Cotterill perform at UNCONFERENCE. Photo: Microwave.

Project Room exhibition will be held at Goethe-Institut HongKong from 6 to 30 Oct, a series of video works by German and international media artists on civic movements will be shown.

german civic movement
Photo: Microwave.

The grand opening will be on October 12 at Hong Kong City Hall, five international media artworks will be featured at the main exhibition.

The festival’s main exhibition will take place from Oct 13 to Oct 22 at the Hong Kong City Hall and will feature artists from the US, Canada, Japan, France and Taiwan.


 Entry to the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival is free. To find out more about the festival, visit microwavefest.net

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