A new art exhibition in Central aims to raise awareness about dwindling shark numbers and how they play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem.

Photo: Alex Hofford/WildAid.

On Sharks and Humanity runs from Thursday until September 29 at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, and urges action on conserving the animals.

Photo: Alex Hofford/WildAid.

“WildAid is calling on the public to visit this important art exhibition and to stop buying and eating shark fin soup. It is time for Hong Kong’s big restaurant groups like Maxim’s/Jardine’s to act ethically and sustainably by phasing out all shark fin from their set menus – including unsustainable blue shark,” Alex Hofford, WildAid campaigner, told HKFP.

Photo: Alex Hofford/WildAid.

The show is presented by Parkview Arts Action and includes work from 36 international and emerging artists.

Educational programmes supporting the exhibition include tours, family programmes and workshops led by Hofford and artist Peggy Chan.

Photo: Alex Hofford/WildAid.

Already, a number of shark-related installations have appeared near the ferry piers.

Peggy Chan’s The Shore Beyond. Photo: Parkview Arts Action.

“The exhibition will extend to both inside and outside of our Central Pier 8 location, enticing visitors into this important conversation,” said Richard Wesley, Museum Director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

Zheng Lu’s Tomb of Honour. The stainless-steel sculpture of a gargantuan human heart is comprised of more than 10,000 fishing hooks.

Tickets cost HK$30 for adults, and HK$15 for concession.


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