The Observatory predicts Hong Kong will see its first typhoon of the year next week.

Photo: HKO.

“The tropical depression over the central part of the South China Sea is expected to move northwards, and will edge close to the coast of Guangdong gradually on Monday,” it said on Sunday.

Photo: Earth.

Depending on the storm’s movement, it may issue a Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal later on Sunday.

Temperatures continued to soar over over the weekend, with highs of 34c expected on Sunday.

Photo: HKO.

As the cyclone nears, a tough of low pressure across southern China next week is set to bring showers and thunderstorms to the region.

Photo: HKO.

During the Hot Weather Warning, the Centre for Health Protection warned the public to take measures against heat stroke and sunburn and avoid strenuous outdoor activity. Fifteen heat shelters have been opened.

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