Thirteen Hong Kong primary school students won awards in a government competition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the city’s handover the China on Friday.

Receiving over 3,000 submissions from December to February, the theme of the poster competition was “When I’m 20.” Children were asked to design a poster to share their thoughts of what life will be like when they enter their 20s. Secondary school students and members of the public were also invited to film videos on the theme of “togetherness.”

HKFP’s picks from the poster collection:

‘Love Hong Kong Build Hong Kong Co-build Hong Kong’, Chan Sau-yee

Photo: GovHK.

11-year-old Chan Sau-yee won the competition with his colourful creation “Love Hong Kong Build Hong Kong Co-build Hong Kong,” imagining a city with underwater houses.

“To solve the problem of insufficient land supply, the government seeks land both in the urban areas and countryside to build houses,” wrote Chan.

“Why not think outside the box and build a city at the bottom of the sea by constructing large community houses and luxury flats so that Hong Kong admirers of the sea can have one more option?”

‘Reflections for Hong Kong People – Garbage Hong Kong’, Lau Tsz-wang

Photo: GovHK.

11-year-old Lau Tsz-wang won the runner-up prize with an apocalyptic vision of the city’s future. “In my painting, Hong Kong has become a city of garbage where the air is toxic and everybody has to wear an oxygen mask, whilst buildings are damaged,” wrote Lau.

“My painting is to remind people of environmental protection, not to generate garbage so that our future would not look like my painting.”

‘Hong Kong Number One, Rising High to the Sky: The 30th anniversary of the Return of Hong Kong to the Motherland’, Chu Ching-fung

Photo: GovHK.

Third prize was won by Chu Ching-fung, who had a more optimistic view of the city’s destiny. “By the time I am 20, I shall be a journalist,” wrote Chu.

“The first Hong Kong-built space shuttle (Hong Kong No. 1) was launched on the date of the 30th anniversary as everybody cheered and felt greatly encouraged… This is what I reported on [the] scene.”

‘From Hong Kong to the Universe’, Leah Lai

Photo: GovHK.

Leah Lai, 9, won a merit for her poster inspired by her love of Hong Kong’s trams.

“Trams have not only been running between the east and the west of Hong Kong Island,” she wrote. “But, when I’m 20, we may take the trams from Hong Kong to the universe to have a wonderful and amazing tram tour.”

‘Be honest and a person of commitment’, Wu Lok-yi

Photo: GovHK.

9-year-old Wu Lok-yi seems to have cast a critical eye on Hong Kong’s news events while drawing this merit-winning poster.

“When I am 20, I shall be a mature person. When I am 20, I shall be an honest person. When I am 20, I shall be a person with commitment,” wrote Wu. “When I am 20, I will not be a person that schemes all the time.”

“I will never be a dirty hypocrite as often reported in the news.”

‘I would like to be an astronaut when I grow up’, Leung Lai-man

Photo: GovHK.

While the subject of 9-year-old Leung Lai-man’s poster carries a Chinese flag, Leung says that by age 20, “I shall be working at NASA of the US in future.”

“I find a planet that has never been discovered before. After a while, I find a creature in space and I am very excited.”

“I see the entire Milky Way in space and return to Earth after one year, a very long time indeed.”

The 13 award-winning posters will be displayed in Tsuen Wan, Tseung Kwan O, Diamond Hill, Taikoo Shing, Tsim Sham Tsui and Causeway Bay from April to September.

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