Chief executive-elect Carrie Lam received her appointment order from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday morning to serve as Hong Kong’s next leader, beginning July 1.

Lam was accompanied by her husband Lam Siu-por and son Lam Jit-si during her meeting with Li, reported Now TV.

Carrie Lam Li Keqiang
Carrie Lam (L) and Li Keqiang (R). Photo: GovHK.

Lam had flown to Beijing for a three-night stay on Sunday evening, two weeks after she was elected with 777 votes in a small-circle leadership race.

“I believe and hope that you can unite and lead the new government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – and all sectors of society – to reach a new stage in accordance with One Country, Two Systems and the Basic Law,” said Li, after handing her the State Council appointment order encased in a wooden frame.

Carrie Lam Li Keqiang
Carrie Lam (L) and Li Keqiang (R). Photo: GovHK.

“I hope I will be able to see Hong Kong develop, and the livelihoods of its people improve,” he added.

No democracy?

Local newspaper HK01 reported that Li did not mention the phrase “develop democracy” during his open-door meeting with Lam – unlike during previous appointments of chief executives.

It noted that former premier Wen Jiabao had told Hong Kong’s two previous leaders – Donald Tsang and Leung Chun-ying – to “develop democracy” when they were appointed in Beijing in 2007 and 2012, respectively.

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In response, Lam told Li that she would do her best to fulfil her constitutional responsibilities over the next five years.

“I will be responsible to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as well as the Central People’s Government.”

Carrie Lam Li Keqiang
Carrie Lam (L) and Li Keqiang (R). Photo: GovHK.

Lam will also meet President Xi Jinping on Tuesday at 3pm. She will then visit Hongkongers studying or working in Beijing, and is set to hold a press conference.

The former chief secretary will return to Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Elson Tong is a graduate of international relations and former investigations consultant. He has also written for Stand News.