The MTR’s Kwun Tong line has been extended with the opening of Whampoa and Ho Man Tin stations on Sunday.

Ho Man Tin and Whampoa Station. Photo: TVB screenshot.

Both stations came online at 5:55am on Sunday.

Ho Man Tin station. Photo: MTRC.

Ho Man Tin station is part of the MTR Corporation’s Sha Tin to Central link proposal. It is located beneath Valley Road and, despite its name, sits at the extreme south of Ho Man Tin.

Ho Man Tin station. Photo: MTRC.

Ho Man Tin has become the new terminus of the Kwun Tong Line and is set to become the largest interchange station on the network, once it links with Hong Kong Island, with a floor area of 58,000 square metres.

Ho Man Tin station. Photo: MTRC.

The station features art works, two wide-access gates, bathrooms in the paid area and seven 3-in-1 new ticketing machines.

Whampoa Station. Photo: MTRC.

Whampoa station has two concourses but is similar to Po Lam station in that it has only one side platform. Half of the Kwun Tong line trains will skip Whampoa during rush hour.

Whampoa Station. Photo: MTRC.

The station includes bathrooms, art works, two wide access gates and new 3-in-1 multi-function ticket machines.

Ho Man Tin station. Photo: MTRC.

The stations were originally set to open last summer.

The HK$7.2 billion new stations will serve up to 146,000 residents, according to the MTR Corporation.

Photo: MTRC.

The 2.6km extension has also led to the axing and shortening of bus and minibus routes in the area.

Tom Grundy

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