California Fitness staff and members will be able to pick up their belongings between specified times from this Wednesday until August 15.

Members and staff will have to bring their keys and membership or staff cards, as well as their Hong Kong identity cards, in order to collect their belongings.

california fitness
California Fitness. File Photo: Wikicommons.

J.V. Fitness Limited, which operates the California Fitness, mYoga, and LEAP fitness chains, is facing a winding up order from a former member of the board, PK Wong. All 12 fitness chains belonging to the company suspended operation on July 12.

california fitness pk wong
PK Wong and California Fitness. screencap and Stand News.

On July 15, the provisional liquidators of J.V. Fitness said they would make arrangements to pay staff up to HK$8,000 in unpaid wages. The Facebook page of California Fitness has also been overtaken by the liquidators to make announcements for staff and members.

The hearing for the winding up order against J.V. Fitness will take place on August 31.

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