Japanese YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita, who is known for consuming large quantities of various food items on camera, has been subjected to the wrath of Chinese netizens after posting a video of herself eating 137 bananas on Saturday.

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Internet users from China questioned whether Kinoshita was eating bananas that originated from Philippines, and if 137 bananas was an allusion to China’s 1.37 billion population, Ming Pao reported. The video was posted shortly after the South China Sea ruling last week.

“During this sensitive period, you eat 137 bananas from the Philippines to insult China – do you have brains? Do you think us Chinese people can be easily bullied?” one comment said.

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Another said, “Thank god she didn’t stop at the 64th banana, or the clip will say ‘this video contains sensitive terms and has been blocked,’” – a reference to the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, also known as the June 4th incident. Numbers and terms relating to the massacre are still heavily censored on the mainland. Although Youtube is blocked in mainland China, Kinoshita has Chinese fans due to her videos being posted on Chinese video sites.

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