Ding-dong-ding-dong… It’s the video no-one asked for. The karaoke hit of the year. Starring all your favourite Hong Kong legislators – and Ann Chiang.

Photo: RTHK screenshot.

Produced by RTHK, the end-of-year LegCo karaoke video was released on Thursday evening on the channel’s Legco Review programme. It has since received over a thousand “likes” and 900 shares on Facebook.

Care to sing along?

Sin Chung-kai (Democratic Party):
Every day I am going to endless meetings
Felix Chung Kwok-pan (Liberal Party):
But in a flash we are saying goodbye to the chamber
Gary Fan Kwok-wai (Neo Democrats):
Every single nice face of our colleagues
Michael Tien Puk-sun (New People’s Party):
Filibusters seem to have disappeared and we won’t meet again
Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu (Civic Party):
Finally we don’t have to listen to the president
Ho Chun-yin (Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong):
I just know that, I want to listen to that one more time now
Helena Wong Pik-wan (Democratic Party):
Finally I don’t have to rush back for meetings
Paul Tse Wai-chun (Independent):
I am only afraid that many bills haven’t been decided upon
Lee Cheuk-yan (Labour Party):
Labour Party, Federation of Trade Unions, People Power
Alice Mak Mei-kuen (Federation of Trade Unions):
LegCo Chamber, always arguing
Alan Leong Kah-kit (Civic Party):
DAB, Democratic Party, Liberal Party, League of Social Democrats
Tommy Cheung Yu-yan (Liberal Party):
Who can expect not losing all in elections
Tang Ka-piu (Federation of Trade Unions):
OOH we happened to meet with other
I only know you were good to me when we are going apart
Ann Chiang Lai-wan (DAB):
Who would wish for that
Ann Chiang Lai-wan (DAB) & Charles Mok (Independent):
OOH be brave and walk on
Although we are going on separate paths to far places
We’ll meet again in marches

The clip features Liberal Party lawmaker Felix Chung ascending an escalator to the chamber and concludes with an Ann Chiang/Charles Mok duet.

Photo: RTHK screenshot.

Many commenters on Facebook said that the video made them laugh, although one said, “That was 1:27 minutes of my life wasted.” Another said, “How is it that everyone is off-key?”

One Twitter user said, in response to praise for Ann Chiang’s singing, “Ann herself is a more competent singer than politician.”

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