Since relocating to Hong Kong, French fine art photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze has spent countless hours documenting the quirks, beauty, and complexity of his adopted city.
The Blue Moment is an architectural series captured in the day’s final moments, before dusk settles over the metropolis. Enveloped in a deep blue blanket, artificial and natural light combine to form a mystical environment.
It shows Hong Kong as it is – a high-density urban atmosphere, yet one that is no less immune to nature’s omnipresent influence.
“With my series ‘The Blue Moment’, I want to show a complete vision of Hong Kong – on the one hand the high-density districts and their architectural madness, and on the other hand the omnipresent nature which is surrounding the city at every corner,” Jacquet-Lagrèze said. “Inland with mountains covered of subtropical forest, and on the shore with the sea always nearby.”
“Shooting these sceneries at the exact moment between day and night evokes a feeling of unseen and surreal.”
“Each day at the very last moment of dusk, the sky takes on a deep blue tinge which is then reflected onto everything that is below. During this very brief moment that only lasts a minute or two a blue veil envelops Hong Kong and releases a mystical atmosphere.”

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze first solo exhibition will take place at the Blue Lotus Gallery in Chai Wan from May 7 to June 25. Twenty pieces from “The Blue Moment” as well as his previous work “Vertical Horizon” will be displayed. To see more of the photographer’s work, click here.



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