A restaurant owner who gives food to low-income citizens in Sham Shui Po has moved into new low-rent premises after being forced out of his original store due to rent hikes, StandNews reported.

Pei Ho Dim Sum Teahouse was previously located on Tai Nan Street, and its owner “Brother Ming” was well known for giving food to the poor in the area. The restaurant was was due to close at the end of the month after the landlord increased the rent to HK$50,000.

Brother Ming (left) and Tse Lam (right). Photo: StandNews.

Tse Lam, the owner of the restaurant’s new location, said that that he is renting out his 1,300 square feet store for HK$36,000 per month. Brother Ming said that the new store is cheaper but also 300 square feet larger.

Tse said that he had been with Brother Ming to give food to people living under bridges and Nam Cheong Estate.

“Seeing his determination, I really admire him,” Tse told StandNews. “My whole family supports Brother Ming.”

‘We won’t let food-giving stop!’

Brother Ming said that renovations may cost around HK$1 million but he wanted to avoid taking money from financial groups.

Brother Ming runs the Pei Ho Dim Sum Teahouse, and is known for giving food to the grassroots. File Photo: Pei Ho Counterparts, via Facebook.

“If there is someone offering HK$10,000, it’s easy for some rich people. But this is no comparison to 10,000 people each giving HK$1. There are at least 10,000 people supporting you,” said Brother Ming.

“Food-giving activities will continue, and we will never let it stop,” he said.

Hermina Wong

Hermina is a Hong Kong writer and journalist. She graduated with a degree in politics from Cambridge, and is interested in international affairs, particularly those related to China, the EU and the Middle East. She also enjoys political satire.