Localist “Princess Chiu Ming” Nakade Hitsujiko, who advocates “building a Hong Kong city-state,” has published his manifesto for the upcoming Legislative Council elections.

“Hong Kong needs Nakade Hitsujiko,” his manifesto published on VJMedia said. “I am actively considering standing in the 2016 LegCo elections, using words and actions which will stand out and arouse discussions and concerns about Hong Kong.”

nakade hitsujiko princess chiu ming
Nakade Hitsujiko campaigning on the streets of Mong Kok. Photo: Nakade Hitsujiko, via Facebook.

He said that the one country, two systems principle is at “a dead end,” and that Hong Kong became a colony for the second time under mainland rule.

Hitsujiko, an IT specialist who often cross-dresses as an ancient princess, also advocated the establishment of a royal family of Hong Kong, of which he would be a part, and the construction of a royal palace on Tai Mo Shan.

Nakade Hitsujiko's platform.
Nakade Hitsujiko’s platform. Photo: VJmedia.

His manifesto also covered areas such as foreign policy and education. He suggested establishing “the Sinitic Confederation” between Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan, with a system similar to the European Union. Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam will also be allowed to join.

In terms of education, he proposed ending the policy to teach Chinese in Mandarin, and suggested mainland immigrants in Hong Kong should learn to use traditional Chinese characters and Cantonese.

Hitsujiko also proposed to develop Hong Kong’s sex industry and establish a red light district.

nakade hitsujiko princess chiu ming
“Princess Chiu Ming” Nakade Hitsujiko’s election poster in the 2015 district council elections. Photo: Nakade Hitsujiko, via Facebook.

He had previously run in the 2015 district council elections and lost. During his election campaign, he advocated for “sexy local dancers” to perform on the streets of Mong Kok.

Hitsujiko said that he was influenced by Wan Chin, author of the publication On the Hong Kong City-State. It was also Chin who gave him the title “Princess Chiu Ming.”

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